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The Scienta Omicron Newsletter provides you with the latest news about surface science and nanotechnology research instrumentation.

In the Newsletter you can read more about interesting research results through our publication series, Result of the Month, where the author shares added insights about their results. Or you can learn more about the work, background, contributions, and aspirations of a prominent researcher in our Researcher Spotlight series. 

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Current Issue: August 2021

The August Issue of the Scienta Omicron Newsletter includes: 1) Featured Product: PRO 75/100 MBE; 2) Result of the Months for July and August; 3) Research News: Molecular Beam Epitaxial (MBE) Growth of Topological Materials; 4) Featured Research: Optical Manipulation of Electronic Dimensionality in a Quantum Material; 5) Installation of New Analysis Chamber & a DA30-L at FlexPES Beamline, Max IV Synchrotron; 6) Updated Brochure: XPS Lab; 7) MATRIX Remote Coarse Motion Control Upgrade; and 8) Open position for Physicist (m/f/d) Technical Sales Support - Product Management, Surface Technology.

June 2021

The June 2021 Issue of the Scienta Omicron Newsletter includes: 1) Featured Product: PVD 50 System; 2) Latest Addition: Multiprobe Prep; 3) June 2021 Result of the Month; 4) New Brochure: Custom Made Chamber; 5) Analyzer Control Upgrade Package; 6) Application Notes: nanoARPES on Functioning and Tunable Devices with a DA30-L, and Time Resolved Photoinduced Phase Transitions in LaTe3 with an ARTOF Analyser; and 7) Open Position: Regional Service Manager EUROW, among others.

May 2021

The May 2021 Issue of the Scienta Omicron Newsletter includes: 1) PEAK – Product Launch; 2) May 2021 Result of the Month; 3) Research News: The Acidity of Individual Atoms - Breakthrough at TU Wien; 4) Research News: Graphene Nanoribbons Need to be Protected from Oxygen to Remain Functional; 5) New Installation of TESLA JT SPM at the Department of Physics of the University of Basel, Switzerland; 6) Latest Video on Semi Automated Sample Transfer of 4” Wafer Holders; and 7) Remote Support Sessions - Remote Support from our Teams of Experts.

April 2021

The April 2021 Issue of the Scienta Omicron Newsletter includes: 1) Spring 2021 Newsflyer; 2) Video - Argus CU Analyzer: Snapshot Mode; 3) Researcher Spotlight featuring Prof. Atsushi Ogura from Meiji University, Japan; 4) April 2021 Result of the Month; 5) Research News: Scienta Scientific AB Acquires Leading German Business; 6) News on the ARTOF-2 Time-Of-Flight Analyser; and 7) Service Upgrade: SXM Trade In for SCALA SPM Controllers.