Scienta Omicron Newsletter 07-2024
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Welcome to our latest Newsletter providing you with the latest news about surface science, materials science and nanotechnology research and instrumentation.

More specifically, in this issue you will read about interesting research results through our publication series, Result of the Month, where the author shares added insights about their results. Furthermore, you will find detailed information about recently released brochure, application notes, featured product, upgrade package and open positions at Scienta Omicron.

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Featured Product: PVD 50 System 

UHV PVD Solution

The PVD 50 System is designed to fulfil the highest and most stringent requirements of modern thin-film deposition. Real Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) base pressure reduces contaminations in the grown films and enables integration to surface science analysis instruments. The PVD 50 is suitable and optimised for the growth of metals, oxides, magnetic materials and superconductor material systems.

Latest Addition: Multiprobe Prep

A Versatile UHV Module for Sample Preparation and SPM

The Multiprobe prep is the latest addition to Scienta Omicron’s range of modular UHV system platforms. It serves as both a preparation chamber for a wide range of analytical systems, and as an independent UHV system compatible with the addition of the award-winning Variable Temperature SPM (model VT SPM-XA) housed in its own bolt-on chamber.

Result of the Month (ROM), June 2021

Laboratory Based Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy for Buried Interface Analysis of Microelectronic Components

In this work, Nick Barrett et al. have carried out a benchmarking of the Scienta Omicron HAXPES Lab with respect to a synchrotron radiation HAXPES set-up for analysis of buried interfaces for microelectronics applications. The synchrotron HAXPES experiments were done at the BL15XU beamline at Spring8 (Japan) using 8 keV photons and a Scienta Omicron R4000 analyzer. The HAXPES Lab measurements were done using the 9.25 keV Ga Kα1 source and Scienta Omicron EW4000 analyzer.

New Brochure: Custom Made Chamber

Magnetically Shielded UHV Chambers

Quality chamber design is crucial when you need to build your experimental setup from the ground up with individual components and an established system solution is not of interest. The chamber centrally links all of the components together while providing UHV conditions and excellent magnetic shielding.

Services & Support

Analyzer Control Upgrade Package

Efficient and accurate communications between the Analyser and the software are critical for high performance measurements. The newest standard for this system uses Ethernet compatible hardware and software components. Upgrading these components will bring your Analyser Control system up to the highest performance level possible.

Application Note

nanoARPES on Functioning and Tunable Devices with a DA30-L

In their recent paper, A J H Jones and S Ulstrup et al. explore engineering properties of quantum materials by placing a singularity of the density of states near the Fermi energy. The measurements were acquired at the I05 beamline at the Diamond light source where a Fresnel zone plate focused 60 eV light down to a 690 nm spot on the sample. A piezo electric stage scanned the sample at 250 nm increments relative to the spot while a DA30-L acquired the photoemission spectra at each position (E, k). The DA30-L deflector mode was used to obtain (E, kx, ky)-dependent photoemission intensity.

Application Note

Time Resolved Photoinduced Phase Transitions in LaTe3 with an ARTOF Analyser

A Zong and N Gedik et al. investigated photoinduced phase transitions in LaTe3 with their time resolved (tr) ARPES setup using an ARTOF analyser. With the pump-probe scheme and a controlled time delay between photon pulses, tr-ARPES allows the generation of non-equilibrium states and track the dynamics in momentum and energy-resolved fashion. The ARTOF-2 features the 2nd generation lens developed specifically for Angular Resolved Time-Of-Flight measurements, providing large energy dispersions for large angular and energy windows.

Featured Research

Bandwidth-Control Orbital-Selective Delocalization of 4f Electrons in Epitaxial Ce Films

Due to the large Coulomb repulsion of 4f electrons the bandwidth-control Mott-type delocalization is difficult in 4f-electron systems and remains elusive in spectroscopic experiments. In this work, Wu, Y., Fang, Y., Li, P. et al. demonstrate that the bandwidth-control orbital-selective delocalization of 4f electrons can be realized in epitaxial Ce films by thermal annealing, which results in a metastable surface phase with reduced layer spacing. High quality epitaxial Ce films were grown using a Scienta Omicron Lab10 MBE and sequentially annealed before in UHV transfer to a connected ARPES Lab with DA30-L analyser for immediate characterization.

Amy Qu

Test Engineer

Amy Qu recently joined Scienta Omicron as a Test Engineer in Taunusstein, Germany. As a PhD student at the University of British Columbia, Amy has been long time user of Scienta Omicron instrument. She was particularly fortunate to have been involved in the installation and testing process when Prof. Sarah Burke´s group commissioned a combined TESLA JT SPM/ARPES system from Scienta Omicron in 2019.

Open Position 

Regional Service Manager EUROW

Scienta Omicron is currently seeking to employ a Regional Service Manager EUROW to be in a leadership role supporting service and sales colleagues to meet customers´ needs. In this position, you will work with high profile customers in Research sector and focus on developing your service team, investing time in managing your direct reports and delegating responsibilities to grow competence in your team. Moreover, you will facilities the necessary tools and methods to ensure the regional service teams and able to perform their roles effectively meeting internal KPI´s and customer service level agreements.

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