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Training Packages

Certification of users and training courses are an effective method for acquiring the knowledge necessary to get the most out of your Scienta Omicron instruments. Scienta Omicron offers a comprehensive range of courses that combine in-depth theory with hands-on coaching sessions.

Based on typical service and training requests, we now offer training packages to prolong equipment lifetime and achieve reliable results faster. Courses can take place directly at your laboratories, in our application laboratory at Scienta Omicron Germany or online.

Please find below the details about our training packages:

MATRIX Programming Training

MATRIX offers powerful capabilities with its rich programming interface. Though MATRIX’s functionality is well documented, even experienced programmers may appreciate support to explore the aspects and procedures of the software that are less obvious. This course is intended for people already experienced in using MATRIX with at least basic programming skills who want to take their SPM to new heights.

SPM Controller and Microscope Training

Due to the long lifespan of our equipment, it is possible that some well-established systems know-how is lost with the turnover of staff and students.

Because of this, and from analysing the type of requests for service that we have received, we have decided to offer training for MATRIX V1-V4 and SCALA controller in combination with Scienta Omicron VT´s, AFM/STM, STM1, LT SPM and several other microscopes produced by Scienta Omicron.

Photoelectron Spectroscopy Training

The training packages are available for the full range of our photoelectron spectroscopy products. This includes our latest ARPES Labs equipped with the DA30-L or DA20 deflection type analysers, as well as equipment from previous generations, where some well-established systems know-how might have been lost with the rotation of students and staff.