Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Scienta Omicron AB ( 556225-9704) is the controller of personal data for the processing of your personal data related to our digital channels and any of the products, offers, functions, tools, services, etc. and is therefore responsible to ensure that all personal data is processed in a correct manner and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. We have taken great effort in making sure information about you is collected and handled with appropriate care. This Website Privacy Policy provides information about the measures we take in relation to personal data that is collected when you utilise the website.

2. Definition of Personal Data

Personal data means all types of information which can, directly or indirectly, be associated with an individual person. In the context of our website, personal data refers to given names and surnames, telephone numbers, addresses, browser type/version, operating system, IP address, location and e-mail addresses.

If you cannot find answers to your questions, please get in touch with us. You will find information about how to contact us under the heading “Contact Information” below.

3. Processing of Personal Data

To facilitate your usage of our website and its services, we need to collect and process personal data from you.

We collect personal data about you when you visit our website, register for functions and services on our website, contact us via the contact forms provided by our website, or otherwise interact with our website in a manner that requires your personal data.


  • Website Access
  • Website Registration
  • Customer Support

Type of Processing

  • Newsletters
  • Technical and general information or support

Categories of Personal Data

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Browser type/ -version
  • Used operating system
  • Location
  • Host name of the accessing computer(IP address)

From which sources will we collect your Personal Data?

  • Yourselves, the Internet

Who will have access to the Personal Data?

  • Internal employees needing the information to perform their tasks, Companies within Scienta Scientific Group.

Legal Grounds 

  • The processing of your Personal Data is necessary for our legitimate interest to allow for the functions and the services of our website and our legitimate interest to send you marketing. We have assessed that our interest is not overridden by your fundamental rights and freedoms. For some processing we may have collected your direct consent, which you in such case can withdraw at any time by contacting us, see Contact Information below.

Your right to oppose the processing

  • You have a right to oppose this type of processing. If you oppose this type of processing, please note that we will not be able to provide the service for which we collected your Personal Data. You can always oppose processing for marketing purposes or withdraw a consent by contacting us, see Contact Information below.

Storage time

  • Up to 10 years from last activity.

4. Recipients of Personal Data and Transfers to Third Countries Outside the EU/EEC

We may as controller of your Personal Data assign the processing listed above to a partner or supplier, e.g. Supporting companies, External mailing companies, Companies within Scienta Scientific Group. Such processing will not be made for other purposes than as described above.

Some partners and suppliers may have parts of their businesses in countries outside of the EU/EEC (so-called Third Countries). Transfer of Personal Data will only be made to such countries which offer an adequate level of data protection, as decided by the EU Commission, or if the supplier has a legally binding and enforceable instrument which guarantees the safety of the Personal Data.

5. Your Rights as Registered

You have the right to:

  • Request information about which of your Personal Data we process, and you canrequest a copy of these;
  • Have incorrect Personal Data rectified and you can under certain circumstances have your Personal Data erased;
  • Oppose against certain processing of your Personal Data and request that the processing is restricted;
  • Have your Personal Data transferred to another controller (right to data portability); and
  • If you are unsatisfied with our processing of your Personal Data, report our processing to the Federal Data Protection Commissioner, who is the supervising authority.

You may at any time via the contact information below obtain, erase, or restrict the processing of your Personal Data. Please notice that if we restrict the processing of or erase your Personal Data we might not be able to provide the Service for which your Personal Data is collected.

6. Protection of Personal Data

We have undertaken appropriate technical and organisational measures in order to protect Personal Data against loss, abuse, unauthorised access, revealing, alteration and destruction. In order to ensure that the Personal Data is processed in a secure and confidential manner, we use computer network which is protected against breach using firewalls, VPN tunnels and password pursuant to industry standards.

In order to secure the integrity of the Personal Data we may use encryption techniques when we transfer such Personal Data over the internet to our servers.

Our employees and suppliers are bound by confidentiality agreements and are obligated to follow the Company's rules for information and IT security, this Privacy Policy and other internal rules and policies which regulate the processing of Personal Data.

7. Amendments to the Privacy Policy

We retain the right to amend this Privacy Policy. The date for the latest amendment is indicated at the end of this Privacy Policy. If we amend this Privacy Policy, we will update on the web page. You are therefore recommended to read this Privacy Policy regularly in order to be updated on any amendments.

If this Privacy Policy is substantially amended compared to when we obtained your consent, the Company will notify you of these amendments and, if necessary, obtain new consent the Company’s processing of your Personal Data.

8. Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy or any other question regarding our processing, please feel free to contact us:

Scienta Omicron AB, reg. no. 556225-9704

Integrity Officer

Box 15120, 750 15

Uppsala +46 18-480 58 00

The Privacy Policy was adapted on 06.05.2020