Lab10 MBE: drawing generated by CREATE platform | © Scienta Omicron
Lab10 MBE: drawing generated by CREATE platform
ARPES Lab: drawing generated by CREATE platform | © Scienta Omicron
ARPES Lab: drawing generated by CREATE platform


System Solutions Configured Specifically for Your Research


  • Highest performance, reliable solutions
  • Most advanced technology
  • Flexible configurations to fit specific research requirements
  • Immediate access to specific system drawings and site requirements
  • Accelerates process from initial concept to first publication

CREATE combines the modules of a proven design solution to form an advanced UHV research system solution with guaranteed specifications. Designing a system using the CREATE platform with your Scienta Omicron expert provides clear decision pathways for capabilities and specifications. 

Inherent design logic embodied in the CREATE platform guarantees not only the performance expected of a Scienta Omicron instrument, but an easy to use and easy to maintain UHV system. CREATE gives immediate access to individualized system layout drawings, site preparation documents and system acceptance specifications, accelerating the process from concept to first experiments.

Systems based on the CREATE platform have shorter lead times than fully customized systems yet still efficiently adapt to an individual’s experimental requirements. As example, there are several hundred thousand unique variations of ARPES Lab system configurations within the CREATE platform!

Using feedback from our large customer base and the latest in technology innovations, the CREATE platform continually adapts and uses best-in-class UHV component technology (pumps, controllers, wobble sticks etc.). Service and support are enhanced by this common usage across multiple system models encompassing MBE, electron spectroscopy and SPM.

By developing and deploying this next generation platform, Scienta Omicron increases the overall capacity for delivering both made-to-order and CREATE platform systems to customers around the world.

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More Information

Lab10 MBE System: Fundamental Research Tool for Epitaxial Layer Growth

The Lab10 MBE is a small sample deposition tool for explorative materials research under UHV conditions. It is a flexible system platform suitable for a large range of MBE applications such as the growth of 2D materials, intermetallic compounds, oxide heterostructures or organic layers. The Lab10 MBE includes superior evaporation control software and offers multiple ports for in-situ characterisation.

ARPES Lab: The Expert Solution for Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy

Angle Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy (ARPES) has emerged as the most powerful technique to understand the electronic structure of materials. The ARPES Lab maximises the advantages of the revolutionary DFS30 hemispherical high-resolution analyser and its patented in-lens deflector and electrostatic 3D focus adjustment. With the integrated cryogenic manipulator and advanced system software control, high resolution full 3D ARPES band-structures are precisely measured without sample motion.