Scienta Omicron Newsletter 12-2023
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Welcome to the October addition of the Scienta Omicron Newsletter that provides you with the latest news in surface science, materials science, and nanotechnology research and instrumentation.

In this issue you will find the ‘Result of the Month’ where the publications´ authors share additional insights about their recent research results. You will also find news about our featured product, recent research publications and the featured video about DA20 ARPES analyser. As well as information about Scienta Omicron open positions, upgrades, and newly updated product and services information.

Please visit our website for more information about Scienta Omicron’s product and services or contact your local sales or service representative. We look forward to remain connected with you during the last quarter of 2021 too.

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Result of the Month, October 2021

Bandwidth-Control Orbital-Selective Delocalization of 4f Electrons in Epitaxial Ce Films

In this paper, Yang Liu, Yi-feng Yang, Yi Wu et al. present direct spectroscopic evidence for the bandwidth-control OSD of 4f electrons in epitaxial Ce films, by combining high-quality thin film growth by MBE and in situ measurements from ARPES. More specifically, they uncovered a hitherto unreported metastable phase of Ce, where sharp dispersive quasiparticle bands with pure 4f character can be observed near EF, accompanied by an appreciable dispersion of the lower Hubbard band. Ce films were grown on top of epitaxial graphene layers at a temperature of approx. 100 °C and at a rate of 2 Å/min using a high-temperature effusion cell of a Scienta Omicron Lab10 MBE. For ARPES measurements samples were transferred in UHV from the MBE chamber to a connected Scienta Omicron ARPES Lab equipped with a DA30-L analyser and a VUV5k He lamp.

Featured Product

HiPP Lab: Advanced Measurements Made Easy

The Scienta Omicron HiPP Lab is a state of art ambient pressure photoelectron spectroscopy (APPES) system designed for XPS of solid, gas and/or liquid sample environments under several mbar. It is optimised for speed to result by its stability, simplicity and user friendly design. The system is based on the most modern concepts of APPES, including features like easy accessible chamber, small spot light source and high throughput analyser with swift acceleration mode.

Featured Research

Observation of Fractional Edge Excitations in Nanographene Spin Chains

An international team of researchers have succeeded in building carbon-based quantum spin chains, where they captured the emergence of one of the cornerstone models of quantum magnetism. They use on-surface synthesis to fabricate one-dimensional spin chains that contain the S = 1 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon triangulene as the building block. Using STM and STS, they probe length-dependent magnetic excitations at the atomic scale in both open-ended and cyclic spin chains, and directly observe gapped spin excitations and fractional edge states therein. STM measurements were performed with a LT STM from Scienta Omicron operating at a temperature of 4.5 K and base pressure below 5×10-11 mbar.

Featured Video

DA20: Compact ARPES Analyser with Deflection Capability

The DA20 provides ARPES as well as XPS and UPS while maintaining a compact footprint. The DA20 includes the ground-breaking deflection technology that was previously only available in the larger DA30-L analyser models, enabling full cone ARPES measurements without sample rotation. This allows electronic band structure mapping of the surface Brillouin zone without changing measurement geometry, eliminating matrix element effects, and simplifying the interpretation of results dramatically.

Service Upgrade

E-Beam Heater with Thoria Coated Filament Upgrade Package

Scienta Omicron manipulators can easily be upgraded with an E-Beam Heater Package to let your system benefit from its special functionality compared to a standard PBN heater. Due to the type of filament, chamber pressure increases are kept minimal and pressure as well as sample temperature recover on a faster time scale. Containing all required parts, the package comes pre-assembled for easy on-site implementation.

Service Upgrade

High Performance Fine Focus Ion Source

The depth profiling upgrade integrates a high-quality focussed ion beam source seamlessly in your Scienta Omicron system. The hot filament ion source is a professional tool for sample cleaning, depth profiling with XPS or Auger electron spectroscopy. It can be used as a high-quality ion source for ISS/LEIS or as a low energy source for charge neutralisation.

Every upgrade includes a prior compatibility check by our Scienta Omicron system designers in Taunusstein and comes with suggestions for an individual system integration of the ion source.

Spare Parts

SPM: Spare Parts Catalogue

This document is intended to provide at a glance information on the most commonly used spare parts and consumables for Scienta Omicron SPM heads and their frequently used components. The catalogue does not offer a complete list of everything that is available. The customer is encouraged to contact Scienta Omicron Services whenever looking for an item not listed in the catalogue.

Open Position

Physicist (m/f/d) Technical Sales Support - Product Management, Surface Technology

Do you have an advanced degree in Physics; fundamental knowledge in at least one special area in physics, UHV thin film deposition (MBE, PLD, Sputtering) technique; and experience in a relevant field of materials science or UHV Surface Physics? Scienta Omicron is looking for a new team member as a Physicist to provide technical sales support for our Sales Force including customer visits and be a technical contact person for customers during offer and pricing period, among others. Start into a future with the best development opportunities and the security of a globally active group of companies.

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