Service Campaigns

Save now on ESPEC upgrades!

Order before the end of December 2022 for a 20% discount, or by the end of February 2023 for a 10% discount.  Applies to the following upgrades:

  • 201041 PEAK Base Package
  • 201161 PEAK GUI Scripting
  • 201088 3D Opto Link Upgrade
  • 201089 2D Opto Link Upgrade
  • 201196 CU upgrade for ARGUS CU (R)

Contact your local Scienta Omicron Service representative to get more information about the upgrade and to place your order

Service Upgrades

Upgrades are an all-important part of keeping up with the latest developments at minimal costs without compromising quality. Scienta Omicron offers more than 40 upgrades, which greatly improve the efficiency and performance of a system, as well allowing you to achieve higher impact research results. Click below to find out about our existing service upgrades that may be suitable to your system.