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Robustness of Bilayer Hexagonal Ice against Surface Symmetry and Corrugation


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Result of the Month (ROM), February 2023

Robustness of Bilayer Hexagonal Ice against Surface Symmetry and Corrugation 

Two-dimensional (2D) bilayer hexagonal ice (BHI) is regarded as the first intrinsic 2D ice crystal. However, the robustness of such a structure or its derivatives against surface symmetry and corrugation is still unclear. Here, we report the formation of 2D BHI on gold surfaces with 1D corrugation, using noncontact atomic force microscopy. The hexagonal arrangement of the first wetting layer was visualized on the Au(110)-1 × 2 surface. Upon depositing more water molecules, the first layer would rearrange and shrink, resulting in the formation of buckled BHI. Such a buckled BHI is hydrophobic despite the appearance of dangling OH, due to the strong interlayer bonding. Furthermore, the BHI is also stable on the Au(100)-5 × 28 surface. This work reveals the unexpected generality of the BHI on corrugated surfaces with nonhexagonal symmetry, thus shedding new light on the microscopic understandings of the low dimensional ice formation on solid surfaces or under confinement.

All STM/AFM experiments were carried out with an ultra-high vacuum Scienta Omicron POLAR-STM/AFM combined system operated at 4.8 K using a qPlus sensor.

Scienta Omicron Newsflyer Winter 2022

Welcome to the Scienta Omicron Newsflyer for Winter 2022.  In this newsflyer, we highlight two of the projects that Scienta Omicron has suppled that will help to fabricate, manipulate, and characterise the materials that in turn improve our ability to exploit quantum behaviours and will lead to the development of new technologies.  Read more about these quantum projects; an interview with Andreas Lindblad of Uppsala University on his newly installed HAXPES Lab; product highlights on our HiPP Lab for lab-based ambient pressure photoelectron spectroscopy (APPES), and our Multiprobe prep, a modular platform for sample preparation and SPM; advanced training for PEAK software for Scienta Omicron analysers; on-site testing of our DFS30 analyser at Max IV in Sweden, highlighting the advantages of electrostatic 3D focus adjustment; light-emission scanning tunneling microscopy viewpoint from IPCMS, Strasbourg; and news from the Scienta Omicron Service team on our latest upgrades and high-uptime kits

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Ongoing Partnership between Scienta Omicron GmbH and FOCUS GmbH

Following the recent change in ownership of our close partner FOCUS GmbH, Scienta Omicron GmbH and Focus GmbH have released a joint statement . 
 We wish to assure our mutual customers of our intent to continue working closely together.  No changes are anticipated to the relationship between Scienta Omicron GmbH and FOCUS GmbH as a result in the change of ownership of FOCUS GmbH.

Sample Manipulators

Open and Closed Cycle Sample Manipulators

When aiming at high experimental energy resolution for ARPES measurement, it is crucial to achieve ultra-low sample temperatures to quench thermal broadening. This is possible with state-of-the-art cryo manipulators reaching sample temperatures from < 3.5 K and featuring up to 6 fully motorized axes for a large range of movements. The manipulators are available as open and closed cycle. Open cycle manipulators reach lower temperature specifications and are rapidly cooled down from room temperature to 10 K in 15 min. The low He consumption below 1 l/h at ultimate temperature and the possibility to operate with liquid nitrogen at higher temperatures ensure a low operating cost. Closed cycle manipulators have no He consumption providing unlimited holding time.

Service Upgrade

PEAK Slit Control

Optimal analyser settings with remote control

In photoelectron spectroscopy measurements, there is always a trade-off between signal intensity and resolution. Optimising this balance is the key to obtaining smooth and sharp spectra within the shortest time possible. For hemispherical analysers, this trade-off is controlled by the selected entrance slit and pass energy.
PEAK Slit Control replaces manual slit changes at the analyser with a motorised and software-controlled slit. With the control of all analyser settings, easy and quick optimisation of signal intensity versus resolution is possible.

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We provide state of the art instruments in Electron Spectroscopy, Scanning Probe Microscopy and Thin Film Deposition. Focusing on the race for new unique materials and solutions, in areas like – smarter batteries, next generation electronics, quantum technologies, solar energy, intelligent sensors and advanced materials, Scienta Omicron enables development of tomorrow´s materials.

THE SCIENTA GROUP: One Group, Two Leading Brands

Since 1983 the combined companies, including Scienta Omicron and Scienta Envinet (former Scienta Sensor Systems and Envinet GmbH respectively) that make up the Scienta Scientific Group have been leading the development of ultra high vacuum research and analysis equipment in the fields of Surface Science, Material Physics, UHV technology and Radiation Detection, resulting in scientific breakthroughs, Nobel Prizes and outstanding industrial equipment.