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Leading Innovator in Surface Science and Nanotechnology 

Electron Spectroscopy

Scanning Probe Microscopy

SPM Component  | © Scienta Omicron

Thin Film Deposition

Thin Film Deposition Component  | © Scienta Omicron

Featured Product

PEEM Lab: The System Platform for Photoemission Microscopy

The PEEM Lab is a UHV system with a small foot-print tailored for the needs of daily PEEM work. It provides ports for various excitation sources, evaporators, sputter cleaning source and sample heating. In addition the system is also designed to house a dedicated LHe cooled 4 axis sample stage for PEEM operation below 30 K.

Product News

POLAR SPM Lab: Low Temperature SPM with Unsurpassed Hold Time

Many of today’s Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) applications require extremely low noise for detection of very small (<500 fA) tunneling currents (e.g. STS or molecular imaging). In the Scienta Omicron POLAR SPM Lab, ex-situ signal amplifiers for both Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) and QPlus® Atomic Force Microscopy (QPlus® AFM), combined with dedicated wiring, result in maximum experimental flexibility and the highest achievable signal to noise ratio.

New Product: PEAK

Electron Spectroscopy Control and Acquisition Software

PEAK is designed to control acquisition of photoelectron spectra with Scienta Omicron analysers. With its modern software architecture, PEAK offers improved performance for data acquisition, workflow, and live visualisation of data. The modular design and the modern network-based application programming interface (API) facilitate integration of additional equipment as well as full integration of the analyser in external control systems.

Result of the Month (ROM), October 2021

Bandwidth-Control Orbital-Selective Delocalization of 4f Electrons in Epitaxial Ce Films 

In this paper, Yang Liu, Yi-feng Yang, Yi Wu et al. present direct spectroscopic evidence for the bandwidth-control OSD of 4f electrons in epitaxial Ce films, by combining high-quality thin film growth by MBE and in situ measurements from ARPES. More specifically, they uncovered a hitherto unreported metastable phase of Ce, where sharp dispersive quasiparticle bands with pure 4f character can be observed near EF, accompanied by an appreciable dispersion of the lower Hubbard band. Ce films were grown on top of epitaxial graphene layers at a temperature of approx. 100 °C and at a rate of 2 Å/min using a high-temperature effusion cell of a Scienta Omicron Lab10 MBE. For ARPES measurements samples were transferred in UHV from the MBE chamber to a connected Scienta Omicron ARPES Lab equipped with a DA30-L analyser and a VUV5k He lamp. 

Multiprobe Prep

A Versatile UHV Module for Sample Preparation and SPM

The Multiprobe prep is the latest addition to Scienta Omicron’s range of modular UHV system platforms. It serves as both a preparation chamber for a wide range of analytical systems, and as an independent UHV system compatible with the addition of the award-winning Variable Temperature SPM (model VT SPM-XA) housed in its own bolt-on chamber.

Scienta Omicron Newsflyer Spring 2021

The Spring 2021 edition of the Scienta Omicron Newsflyer provides you with an update on Scienta Omicron during the challenging year (2020) with a pandemic COVID-19, updated product offerings to suit our customers´ research needs, a selection of high impact results acquired using Scienta Omicron instruments and systems, and highlight the work of our customers that are contributing to the field of surface science and nanotechnology.


MATRIX Remote Coarse Motion Control Upgrade

It is Scienta Omicron’s goal to make our products as practical and user friendly as possible. This package upgrades our legacy MATRIX V1 & V2 Hardware versions to incorporate the Remotely Controllable features of our modern MATRIX 4 Units. The modern MATRIX GUI is remotely controllable from anywhere in the world via the internet, meaning that researchers can control and change the tip location on the surface of the sample without stepping foot in the laboratory.

Project Executive (m/f/d)

Do you have an advanced degree in Physics or Engineering, experience in experimental surface analysis and UHV technique, and design experience in vacuum system construction or mechanical design? Scienta Omicron is currently looking for a new team member as a Project Executive (m/f/d) to support sales and product management on special technical issues, among others. We offer great development opportunities and the security of a globally active group of companies.

About Us 

Scienta Omicron is a leading innovator in Surface Science and Nanotechnology. At our technology centres in Uppsala, Sweden and Taunusstein, Germany we develop and produce high-tech instruments. Our instruments support top researchers globally and are serviced by our four regional hubs in USA, China, Japan and Germany.

We provide state of the art instruments in Electron Spectroscopy, Scanning Probe Microscopy and Thin Film Deposition. Focusing on the race for new unique materials and solutions, in areas like – smarter batteries, next generation electronics, quantum technologies, solar energy, intelligent sensors and advanced materials, Scienta Omicron enables development of tomorrow´s materials.

THE SCIENTA GROUP: One Group, Two Leading Brands

Since 1983 the combined companies, including Scienta Omicron and Scienta Envinet (former Scienta Sensor Systems and Envinet GmbH respectively) that make up the Scienta Scientific Group have been leading the development of ultra high vacuum research and analysis equipment in the fields of Surface Science, Material Physics, UHV technology and Radiation Detection, resulting in scientific breakthroughs, Nobel Prizes and outstanding industrial equipment.