The ARPES Lab is designed to maximise the advantages gained from the revolutionary DA30-L hemispherical high-resolution analyser with its patented in-lens deflector.

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Compact, Stable, Cold and with B-Field

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Lab10 MBE

The Lab10 MBE is a small sample deposition tool for explorative material research under UHV conditions.

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Services & Support

Scienta Omicron has more than 25 people in its global service organisation, already the largest in the market, which in total has more than 400 years of experience in Nanoscience.

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Materials Innovation Platform

Materials Innovation Platforms (MIPs) integrate instrumentation for growth with sophisticated in-situ characterisation tools.

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Electron Spectroscopy

Electron Analyser DA30-L-8000 | © Scienta Omicron

Scanning Probe Microscopy

SPM Component  | © Scienta Omicron

Thin Film Deposition

Thin Film Deposition Component  | © Scienta Omicron

Latest News

Binghamton University – HAXPES Lab

Scienta Omicron is excited that our first HAXPES Lab System in the United States will be installed at Binghamton University. The HAXPES Lab at Binghamton’s Smart Energy Building will become part of their Innovative Technologies Complex. It was chosen because of its performance, convenience, reliability and varied research applications. The HAXPES Lab will allow researchers to get detailed information about a device or material without taking it apart or off-site.

Result of the Month (ROM), February 2020

In this work, Antony George & Andrey Turchanin et al present a simple method for controlling the precursor flow rates using the Knudsen-type effusion cells. They characterised the grown MoS2 and WS2 monolayers by optical, atomic force and transmission electron microscopies as well as by X-ray photoelectron, Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopies, and by electrical transport measurements showing their high optical and electronic quality based on the single crystalline nature. XPS was performed in a ultra-high vacuum Multiprobe System from Scienta Omicron using a monochromatized x-ray source and an electron analyser Argus CU with a spectral energy resolution of 0.6 eV.

Open Position: Feinwerkmechaniker, Mechatroniker, Goldschmied, Uhrmacher, Zahntechniker oder vergleichbare Ausbildung

Haben Sie eine abgeschlossene Berufsausbildung zum Feinwerkmechaniker? Haben Sie hervorragendes technisches Verständnis und kommunikative Fähigkeiten; feinmechanisches Geschick im Umgang mit Kleinteilen; Sorgfalt und Präzision in der Aufgabe; und Kenntnisse in Klebe- und Bond-techniken? Scienta Omicron sucht zur Verstärkung unseres Teams im Bereich SPM am Standort Taunusstein eine/n Feinwerkmechaniker, Mechatroniker, Goldschmied, Uhrmacher, Zahntechniker oder vergleichbare Aus-bildung (m/w/d). Klicken Sie unten, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten und sich zu bewerben.

Scienta Omicron Acquires Sigma Surface Science

Scienta Omicron SPM and the Sigma Surface Science SPM and XPS businesses are merging into one new business unit under the roof of Scienta Omicron.

Upcoming Conferences

Find more upcoming conferences, symposiums, workshops and meetings at the Conferences Page.

33. Symposium on Surface Science 2020

From March 1st, 2020 - Until March 7th, 2020

The topics of 3S*20 will include all aspects of surface science, including, but not limited to

  • Surface structure
  • Surface reactions
  • Particle-surface interactions
  • Epitaxial growth
  • Adsorption and desorption
  • Applications of surface science

APS March Meeting 2020

From March 2nd, 2020 - Until March 6th, 2020

From March 2 to 6, Denver will transform into the hub of physics as more than 10,000 attendees arrive for the 2020 APS March Meeting. In addition to the scientific program, the APS March Meeting offers fun social events, networking, career development opportunities, activities for students, informational booths, an exhibit hall, pre-meeting events, alumni receptions, journal events, and more.

DPG 2020

From March 15th, 2020 - Until March 20th, 2020

DPG Spring Meeting of the Condensed Matter Section (SKM) with the following divisions and working groups:

  • Condensed Matter Section (SKM)
  • Environmental Physics
  • Working Group on Accelerator Physics
  • Working Group on Equal Opportunities
  • Working Group on Energy
  • Working Group on Industry and Business
  • Working Group "Young DPG"
  • Working Group on Physics, Modern IT and Artificial Intelligence

About Us

Scienta Omicron is a leading innovator in surface science and nanotechnology. At our technology centers in Uppsala, Sweden and Taunusstein, Germany we develop and produce high-tech instruments sold and serviced from our four regional hubs in USA, China, Japan and Germany to support top researchers globally.

We provide top capabilities in electron spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy and thin film deposition, all in ultra-high vacuum (UHV). Focusing on the race for new unique materials and solutions, in areas like – smarter batteries, next generation electronics, quantum technologies, solar energy, intelligent sensors and advanced materials Scienta Omicron drive the surface science towards the future.