NanoScan Lab

A Versatile Tool for Surface Analysis on the Nanoscale

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STM, QPlus®-AFM, and spectroscopy experiments in a temperature range between < 10 K and 420 K.


Lab10 MBE

The Lab10 MBE is a small sample deposition tool for explorative materials research under UHV conditions.

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Services & Support

Scienta Omicron has more than 25 people in its global service organisation, already the largest in the market, which in total has more than 400 years of experience in Nanoscience.

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Materials Innovation Platform

Materials Innovation Platforms (MIPs) integrate instrumentation for growth with sophisticated in-situ characterisation tools.

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Welcome to our Virtual Conference where we share resources with you about our products, services and invite you to have a conversation with us. 

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Nobel Prize Technologies Supporting Science and Industry! 

Electron Spectroscopy

Electron Analyser DA30-L-8000 | © Scienta Omicron

Scanning Probe Microscopy

SPM Component  | © Scienta Omicron

Thin Film Deposition

Thin Film Deposition Component  | © Scienta Omicron

Latest News

Collaborating with our customers on HAXPES Measurements

At Scienta Omicron it is very important to us to support our customers with industry leading technology. As researchers ourselves we understand the value of demonstrable evidence in the funding application process, so, for Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HAXPES) Lab systems we are delighted to be able to offer prospective customers demonstration sessions to perform preliminary studies on their own sample. These sessions are limited opportunities for prospective customers to become oriented with the system and to perform initial measurements with the support of our team of technical experts and engineers.

Scienta Omicron Ships SPM System from Factory Site in Germany

Scienta Omicron is an international company with headquarters and factories in Uppsala, Sweden and Taunusstein, Germany. We are pleased to share that we have recently shipped a LT SPM Lab to a customer in China. This LT SPM Lab is the first system to be partly built and tested in the recently founded SPM and XPS Business Unit in Taunusstein. The new SPM and XPS Business Unit was formed after the merger with Sigma Surface Science and has been operating out of these premises since February 2020.

Result of the Month (ROM), May 2020

In this work, Prof. Jian Wang Group at Peking University detected novel Majorana zero-energy bound state (ZEBS) resembling the characteristics of Majorana zero modes (MZMs) in interstitial Fe adatoms deposited on the high-temperature superconducting thin films at two-dimensional limit.

This research was enabled by a Lab10 MBE and multiprobe LT STM from Scienta Omicron. 

Scienta Omicron’s ALD-XPS system contributing to results at the Nano Research Facility at Dublin City University (DCU)

Our ALD-XPS system installed at the Nano Research Facility is an automated and integrated X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) tool that allows the following of individual oxidation and reduction reactions between the Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) pulses of a growth process. It will help to drive research advancements in fields such as high-volume semiconductor manufacturing, biomaterial coatings, photo-electrochemical solar water splitting, and lithium-ion battery research.

Scienta Omicron congratulates Takahiro Hashimoto on his recent PhD from The University of Tokyo

Scienta Omicron would like to congratulate Takahiro Hashimoto on his recent PhD graduation in Science from the University of Tokyo. Prior to completion of his PhD, Takahiro Hashimoto participated in an internship at Scienta Omicron, in Uppsala, Sweden between 2018-2019.

It was an honor for us to host Takahiro Hashimoto, from the world leading research group at The Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo.

Innovation, Research and Nobel Prizes... Where did the Modern Nanotechnology and Surface Science Field Come From?

Have you ever looked back over the history of our field? We have, and it is very interesting! Since our founder Professor Kai Siegbahn’s 1981 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contribution to the development of high-resolution electron spectroscopy, there have been many other outstanding successes in this field, including the work of Professor John C. Polanyi. 

Scienta Omicron Provides Remote Services

Due to the COVID-19 situation, keeping systems operating and maintained can be difficult for laboratories around the world. Scienta Omicron aims to support all our customers, your instruments and your research as best as possible during this period.

Please Contact Us to discuss how we can deliver a Remote Support Session for you, and together we can work through this global crisis. 

HAXPES Lab Presentation

The HAXPES Lab is designed for high resolution XPS measurements with maximum intensity. The system configuration is constructed around Scienta Omicron's vast knowledge within the field of HAXPES.

Learn more about the HAXPES Lab from this video presentation by Dr. Marcus Lundwall and Dr. Susanna Eriksson. 

Scienta Omicron Virtual Conference 

Welcome to our Scienta Omicron Virtual Conference!

We were scheduled to attend both the APS, Denver, JSAP, Tokyo, and DPG, Dresden Conferences in March 2020, but unfortunately due to the COVID-19 outbreak these Conferences were cancelled. 

We have created this Virtual Conference to share information and start a conversation with you virtually, in the absense of the opportunity to talk face to face. 

Newsflyer Spring 2020

This edition of the Scienta Omicron News provides information on acquisition of Sigma Surface Science SPM and XPS business; new NanoScan Lab; installation of new MIP; a new turnkey 11 eV laser technology; Bar XPS; HAXPES Lab; our services, support and spare parts; and the launch of our new website.

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About Us

Scienta Omicron is a leading innovator in surface science and nanotechnology. At our technology centers in Uppsala, Sweden and Taunusstein, Germany we develop and produce high-tech instruments sold and serviced from our four regional hubs in USA, China, Japan and Germany to support top researchers globally.

We provide top capabilities in electron spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy and thin film deposition, all in ultra-high vacuum (UHV). Focusing on the race for new unique materials and solutions, in areas like – smarter batteries, next generation electronics, quantum technologies, solar energy, intelligent sensors and advanced materials Scienta Omicron drive the surface science towards the future.