Scienta Omicron Services Team is the largest in the nanotechnology industry. Our Service Engineers are located around the world so that we are close-by to support our customers with instrument installations, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Service Contracts

To help maintain the optimal conditions for our customers to meet their research goals we offer customised and tailored Service Contracts to meet the exact requirements of your instruments and workplace circumstances.

Service Contracts are tailored with you to include a chosen amount of preventative maintenance visits, spare parts, discounts on consumables and a variety of other services. Depending on your service needs Service Contracts can range from being high-contact with Scienta Omicron, through to reasonably low-contact with our services team. We are here to work with you to provide the correct level of support you need to suit your workplace environment, requirements, and budget. Please contact us to discuss your Service Contract.

Alongside our Service Contracts we also offer System Health Check-Up visits. In a System Health Check-Up visits are an opportunity for customers who are not currently under a Service Contract to receive a detailed system examination and comprehensive report detailing the system’s current performance level. From the results of the examination we can provide a recommendation for service, repairs or upgrades that could be taken to improve system performance and prevent future downtime. A System Health Check Up visit will help you to maintain the high standards of accuracy and precision that your application needs, as well as minimising instrument downtime. Please contact to book a System Health Check Up Visit.

Maintenance Visits 

We have Service Engineers in our major markets available to attend your site and provide on site maintenance and repair work. On site visits can be preventative, as part of a service contract or System Health Check Up. Or they can be Repair Visit.  

Preventative Maintenance Visits

Preventative Maintenance visits will be scheduled between the Scienta Omicron Services Team and the customer to be at a time of convenience. Preventative Maintenance Visits are generally outlined as part of a customer’s Service Contract.

Repair Visits

Repair visits are unscheduled visits to respond to an issue with the system. Repair visits are available to all of our customers regardless of Service Contracts.

Remote Support Sessions

Remote Support from our Teams of Experts

As a compliment to onsite visits, our Remote Support Sessions are a great choice to keep your system operating effectively. Remote Support Sessions with our Service Engineers are a fast and cost-efficient method to get the technical advice and help your need to address issues, trouble-shoot problems or install upgrades.

Systems Upgrades and Functionality Improvements

Our highly qualified engineers can perform a wide range of technical upgrades. Scienta Omicron offers today more than 40 Upgrades, which greatly improve the efficiency and performance leading to higher impact research results. Upgrades are an effective and cost effective method to keep Scienta Omicron systems up to date with the latest developments. Our Services Team can also offer various services to support functionality improvements in result gathering and performance. Please contact us to see what we have available for your specific system.

System Upgrades can be scheduled as part of preventative maintenance and included into preventative service visits. Please contact us to discuss how we can perform Systems Upgrades and Functionality Improvements for you.

Spare Parts

Scienta Omicron is a full-service provider, meaning that we source and supply the full range of spare parts and consumables for all our products.

Please contact us to discuss any Spare parts or consumables you require. You can also visit the Spare Parts Catalogue and Services Finder to identify the Spare Parts and consumables that you need.  

Consultancy Services 

Do you have a specific instrument need or requirement? Perhaps you are focussing on a new technique or have innovative design requirements? We are proud to offer consultancy services where our Research and Design departments can work with you to create innovative, bespoke, or customised solutions to meet your specifications. Contact your local service representative for more information on the exciting new ways we can help you achieve higher impact research results.

Certification and Training

Scienta Omicron offers a comprehensive range of courses (virtual or on-site) that combine in-depth theory with hands-on coaching sessions.

Our certificated courses range in level from basic operational processes through to advanced data collection and analysis. Our basic operational courses are a great and effective method to induct new users onto your system. In basic operational courses we support new users to use the system effectively, safety and to get clean and accurate measurement results. This allows users to understand the scope and potential of Scienta Omicron instruments.

Scienta Omicron also offers certificated courses on advanced research techniques and data analysis. These courses are most often tailored specifically for the customer, so please contact us if we can build your team a course to either be delivered on site, or remotely.

Our Services Team

It is our mission to assist our customers by delivering the best possible service at all points of the product lifecycle, from installation, to scheduled maintenance, to issue trouble shooting.  We have over 30 Service Engineers with a vast amount of experience in servicing nanotechnology equipment. Currently we have regional Service Hubs with service engineers located in China, Japan, Korea, and the US. Our headquarters are located in Sweden and Germany. We are available to travel to all other regions where we have customers. It is immensely important to us to be as close as possible to our customers so that we can provide rapid responses via phone, email or travel quickly to site.

Developing our Team

We continuously invest in growing our Services Team in size and capability. Our Service Engineers are highly experienced technical experts within the nanotechnology equipment industry. All Service Engineers have a high degree of experience, training, and technical expertise on our products. For complex instrument troubleshooting we also have a direct communication process with our in-house design and engineering departments to support resolving these issues.

Contact Us

So that we can most efficiently help you please use this contact form, and your local service representative will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.