Surface Science Analysis Cluster System

Samsung Electronics - D&S Research Center


Reference Number: 183917

Cluster system offering multiple complementary surface science techniques, as XPS, UPS and AFM for detailed sample characterisation. The analysis system is integrated into a linear transfer line to ensure future expandability.

  • Customised Multiprobe MXPS system for 2” wafer samples
  • Equipped with Argus CU electron analyser, monochromated Al Kα X-ray source, fine focus ion gun and VUV light source to enable UPS
  • Full manipulator motorization, allowing XPS measurements on multiple positions on a wafer
  • Large sample AFM capable of measurements directly on a 2” wafer
  • AFM operation modes: Contact mode with normal force/lateral force detection and non-contact mode
  • Vibration decoupling for high-resolution SPM measurements
  • Magnetic coupled linear transfer line

Integrated Instruments