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XPS Lab system with Monochromated X-ray source and electron flood gun for charge neutralisation.
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Advanced in-situ photoelectron experiments are enabled by virtually live snapshot data acquisition and extended sample manipulation possibilities, e.g. a wide temperature range (130 < T < 1100 K).


Versatile Electron Spectroscopy Platform

PES XPS iXPS ARXPS Sputter Profiling Charge Comp

  • Outstanding quantitative XPS performance
  • Compact footprint with excellent accessibility
  • User-friendly experiment control and data acquisition software
  • Versatility configurable to meet individual demand
  • Sub-system for Materials Innovation Platform (MIP)

The XPS Lab has been designed to combine outstanding quantitative XPS performance and ease of operation with a modular sample handling concept. This X-ray photoelectron spectrometer can host complementary surface analytical techniques, like AES and UPS, to enhance its characterisation capabilities. The exceptional value of the XPS Lab is based on the high-transmission high-speed Argus CU hemispherical analyser.

The XPS Lab is a surface science UHV system, designed for X-ray and VUV photoelectron spectroscopy experiments. Thereby, the surface composition and detailed information about chemical states of virtually every material are accessible.

The system can be tailored to the desired configuration in many ways, e.g. regarding sample handling and the set of analytical devices combined. It is fully compatible with all types of Scienta Omicron flag style sample holders. Well-defined interfaces ensure the expandability with Scienta Omicron systems providing various thin-film deposition and analysis techniques (MBE, SPM, AFM, ARPES and many others).

The system is intended for Scienta Omicron's hemispherical energy analysers. It is optimised for XPS investigations with excitation sources in magic-angle geometry (54.7°), to allow straightforward data analysis. The XPS Lab system comes completely assembled and fully tested as a turn-key system to enable fast and reliable implementation at the customers’ laboratory.

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More Information

XPS Lab Options

The XPS Lab is configured with the high transmission Argus CU hemispherical analyser and high power monochromated Al Kα X-ray source, specifically combined to offer the highest sensitivity for quantitative XPS analysis. To complement and extend the standard XPS functionality, a broad range of dedicated options are available to ensure that the XPS Lab can provide the experimental solutions your laboratory needs, no matter how diverse.

Handling Concept

The XPS Lab offers two sample handling concepts. The standard configuration is designed for small sample plates. It can either be directly integrated to Scienta Omicron’s broad range of surface science instruments or serve as a standalone tool with an independent sample load lock, which allows the introduction of three sample plates during one loading/unloading cycle.

The alternative concept is based on the Large Sample Carrier with 30 cm² loading area for differently shaped specimens. This exceptionally versatile specimen handling system allows not only the automated sequential measurement of multiple samples and positions but also enables the application of specialised sample holders, like the powder sample holder and the atmosphere container for air-sensitive specimen. The integrated calibration block simplifies periodic routine measurements to ensure the reliability of the acquired data.

Flag Style Sample Plates

The flag style small sample stage offers unlimited compatibility with the full Scienta Omicron product range.

Large Sample Carrier

Cross-sectional view of the XPS Lab illustrating two sample handling concepts. The Large Sample Carrier allows for mounting multiple samples and offers great flexibility for size and shape of sample specimen.

Argus CU Analyzer: Snapshot Mode

This short video shows how rapidly a high-resolution X-ray photoelectron spectrum can be acquired by using the snapshot mode of the Scienta Omicron Argus CU analyzer. The snapshot mode can either be used for rapid data acquisition of single transitions or observation of dynamic spectral shifts caused by external variations, like sample temperature change or chemical reaction.


Base pressure

< 2*10-10 mbar*

Chamber materials

Non-magnetic steel or mu-metal

Sample Handling Options

Flag type sample plates or

Large Sample Carrier or

Wafer up to 4” diameter


128 data channel detection

Large area XPS

Selected area XPS

Angle resolved XPS

Snapshot XPS

Monochromated Al Kα**

Charge neutralisation**

Imaging XPS**

Sputter depth profiling**

Gas cluster ion beam sputtering**

VUV light source for UPS**

Electron source for AES**

Sample biasing

Sample heating **

Sample cooling **

Compucentric Zalar rotation***

* Specification for pump configuration consisting of Turbomolecular pump, Ion getter pump and Titanium sublimation pump.

** Optionally available.

*** Optionally available. Requires Large Sample Carrier upgrade.


For full specifications and more information about product options, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative.

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XPS Lab: Versatile Electron Spectroscopy Platform

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The XPS Lab has been designed to combine outstanding quantitative XPS performance and ease of operation with a modular sample handling concept. The exceptional value of the XPS Lab is based on the high-transmission and high-speed Argus CU hemispherical analyser.

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