XPS Lab for Large Samples

Louisiana State University - Department of Physics and Astronomy

Reference Number: 163320

The XPS Lab is a surface science UHV system, designed for X-ray and VUV photoelectron spectroscopy experiments. Thereby, the surface composition and detailed information about chemical states of virtually every material are accessible.

The Large Sample Carrier allows for mounting multiple samples and offers great flexibility for size and shape of sample specimen. This exceptionally versatile specimen handling system allows not only the automated sequential measurement of multiple samples and positions but also enables the application of specialised sample holders. The integrated calibration block simplifies periodic routine measurements to ensure the reliability of the acquired data.

  • XPS Lab system for Large Sample Carrier (LSC)
  • Equipped with Argus CU electron analyser, dual anode flood X-ray source, and monochromated Al Kα X-ray source
  • Including fine focus ion gun for sample cleaning and depth profiling
  • MATRIX for E-Spectroscopy data acquisition, Vernissage data handling, and CasaXPS data analysis software bundle
  • Load lock chamber

Integrated Instruments