Combined ARPES and MBE System for Novel Materials

MPI für Chemische Physik Fester Stoffe - Anorganische Chemie


Reference Number: 152801

A multi-technique system, consisting of a Molecular Beam Epitaxy (Lab10 MBE) module and an Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy (ARPES Lab) module. It is configured for in-situ investigation of novel intermetallic compound materials and coupling to an existing transfer line in a clean room laboratory.

  • DA30 R Analyser for ARPES
  • Lab10 MBE integrated
  • Intersection chamber
  • LEED
  • XPS
  • Fine focus UV source
  • Multitechnique SPM 

The aim is to produce thin films of topological materials, oxygen-free for exclusively intermetallic compounds, with the help of molecular beam epitaxy. To analyse the films in situ after growth the available methods are LEED, SPM, Angle-resolved ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (ARUPS) and XPS. It will be used to determined electronic structure of thin films and in situ spectroscopy for band mapping and analysis of the intermetallic compounds.

This requires an ultra-high vacuum system which is attached on the existing sputter deposition system with a linear transfer line in between. To transport the sputter sample holder to the different modules in this lab we developed an adapter for Omicron flag style sample plates. An intersection chamber enables the users also to introduce samples from cooperation partners and to analyse them accordingly.

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