The first DFS30 has shipped!

June 13th, 2023

During last year Scienta Omicron has developed a new electron analyser for ARPES, called DFS30. We are excited, as the first one just left our worksite in Uppsala! Our team has been looking forward to this moment since the DFS30 announcement in 2021. The DFS30 will make the research process more efficient and more precise, allowing more flexible operation of the analyser while saving you hours in alignment time.

If you are versed in ARPES measurements, you already know how critical good alignment between sample, photon source, and analyser is for the measurement. The common solutions, up to now, adjusts both sample and photon source to move the emission spot to the analyser focal point. For a specific region of interest, such as a flake, these movements inevitably mean losing that position. It is far more favorable to shift the analyser focal point instead, leaving the emission spot mechanically static on the sample, at the region of interest. The DFS30 features this groundbreaking capability. 

Project Leader Anders Hahlin says that, “Already when we released the first deflection analyser (DA30) we had the idea of the DFS30 lens tuning functionality. Although we had a clear picture of our goal, the DFS30 development process has been an exciting journey watching the pieces fall into place.“ And then continues, “If I’m being honest, the result is even more promising than we initially thought. We are really thrilled to see how the first DFS30 is received by the research community now when it is delivered.”

The DFS30 features introduces Electrostatic 3D Focus Adjustment technology - a major advancement in replacing imprecise mechanical movements with electronic precision and repeatability. Good alignment is especially critical for high quality ARPES measurements, particularly µARPES and nanoARPES, making the DFS30 a perfect fit. Therefore, making it a great product for high quality ARPES measurements, particularly µARPES and nanoARPES. 

The electronic shifting of the analyser focal point requires dynamic lens tables for deflection, angular, and transmission modes. These lens tables are now calculated in real time based on a set of adjustable sliders. 

DFS30 Focal Point


  • Electronically shift the analyser focal point to the emission spot 

  • Increase effective sample lifetime through fast and precise alignment 

  • Deflection mode full cone measurements without matrix element effects 


It is also possible to upgrade your existing DA30-L with the new Electrostatic 3D Focus Adjustment to make it more capable. If you are interested in the doing this, contact your local sales rep.  


If you want to stay focused and save time as well, the DFS30 is perfect for you! 


To learn more about the DFS30 either contact us or read more about the DFS30 here.