Scienta omicron Newsflyer Fall 2021

November 5th, 2021

Welcome to the Scienta Omicron Newsflyer for Fall 2021. 40 years ago in 1981, our co-founder Prof. Kai Siegbahn was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for developing the method of Electron Spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA/XPS) – thereby creating the starting point for Scienta. Since then, the technology has been extended to incorporate Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Thin Film Deposition, Scanning Probe Microscopy Systems and a wide range of components. Keeping our tradition of pioneering and leading Surface Science and Nanotechnology innovation, Scienta Omicron is excited to release the revolutionary DFS30 analyser – a ground-breaking and patent pending Electrostatic 3D Focus Adjustment technology. We are also launching our new CREATE Platform – a configurable platform delivering your unique UHV Systems.

In this addition of the Newsflyer you can also read about: 

  • The installation of a Materials Innovation Platform (MIP) for epitaxial growth and in-situ analysis of 2D semiconductors at University of Nottingham
  • PEAK acquisition control software
  • Research results where physicists and chemistsfrom JLU Giessen have developed an approach for constructing covalent organic nanoarchitectures using scanning probe microscopy
  • The first LT STM in south America at Nanobiomaterials Lab, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile
  • Recent research using the HAXPES Lab
  • The resumption of Scienta Omicron´s travels to supportour customers around the world.

Download the Newsflyer Here: ScientaOmicron_Newsflyer_Fall_2021.pdf