Introducing AtomCloud RHEED

February 21st, 2024

We’re excited to officially announce that we now offer AtomCloud RHEED - an automated analysis suite developed by our partners at Atomic Data Sciences that uses machine learning to help you get more out of RHEED.

We believe that the ability to unify process data with in-situ RHEED and ex-situ characterization will be critical for accelerating materials development using MBE. This analysis suite and data platform complements (via. direct integration) our Matrion lab-integration server, creating a seamless data platform from instrument to results.

AtomCloud RHEED offers:

  • A platform to manage and share data within your team.

  • Automated data processing and result generation.

  • First-of-its-kind visibility into evolution of materials in the vacuum chamber.

  • Datasets of your extracted RHEED fingerprints - a new resource for data-driven experimental science.

For more details check out the full brochure by Atomic Data Sciences: AtomClud_Brochure_and_FAQ

To arrange a demo or explore features further, contact us or visit our partners at Atomic Data Sciences. They also just released a Beta version of their integrated XPS tool that automates element presence calculations, so if you’re interested in trialing that let us know.

We are excited about the possibilities that AtomCloud RHEED brings to your research, and we look forward to supporting your journey in pushing the boundaries of materials development.