Researcher Spotlight

Scienta Omicron is proud of the work our customers are contributing to the field of surface science and nanotechnology. During 2021 we will be shining a spotlight on a wide selection of researchers and diving deeper into their careers, research, and publications. Please join us in this series by following our social media accounts and we hope you enjoy learning more about these talented researchers and their future leading work. 

Atsushi Ogura

High Energy X-rays a Vital Tool to Probe Within Materials

Interfaces between materials play a vital role in many areas, from electronics to artificial blood vessels. Professor Atsushi Ogura at Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan is at the cutting edge of the study of interfaces buried within materials. A better understanding of these buried interfaces may lead to more efficient solar cells and batteries, artificial bone, more efficient electronic devices, and many other applications.

Cui-Zu Chang

Quantum Insulators May Bring Resistance-Free Current Transfer to Electronics

So-called quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) insulators are one of two ways of achieving resistance-free current transfer. This Spotlight features Dr. Cui-Zu Chang, who is currently an assistant professor of Physics at the Pennsylvania State University. He has made a breakthrough that has greatly increased the number of dissipation-free channels in QAH insulators. These findings indicate that such quantum isolators are one step closer to revolutionizing electronics.

Amalia Patanè

Atomic Layer Semiconductors Poised to Change Our Lives

Semiconductor physics is on the cusp of a revolution. Ultra-thin crystals may take the place of today’s ever-present silicon semiconductors and may transform many applications. However, you have to be able to build them first. Professor Amalia Patanè is heading a project that aims to do just that.