Materials Innovation Platform (MIP) with 3 MBE Modules

Industrial Quantum Solid State Research Lab


Reference Number: 173505

Research focus on the topologically protected quantum effects in solid states, electron correlations and quantum coherence in semiconductor nanostructures, many-body effects in quantum Hall systems, interplay between disorder and interaction as well as the design, growth and fabrication of two-dimensional electron systems with controlled physical properties.

Magnetically coupled, manually actuated linear transfer line with 2 segments each 3 m lengths, including:

  • load-lock chamber
  • wafer heater chamber
  • mask handling chamber
  • Trolley for up to six 2" wafer carrier rings
  • Two EVO-50 MBE modules for topological compounds and III-V semiconductors
  • One EVO-50 MBE module for metals, customized for 2" wafer carrier rings

Integrated Instruments