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HIPP-3 analyser.


Outstanding Imaging XPS at Ambient Conditions


  • Imaging XPS < 15 μm resolution
  • Swift Acceleration Mode for unprecedented transmission
  • Refocusing pre-lens with efficient differential pumping
  • Angular resolved range: 18°
  • Interchangeable and customized front cones
  • A breakthrough in ambient pressure PES

The HiPP-3 analyser features state-of-the-art technology for outstanding imaging XPS at ambient pressures (APPES), with a spatial resolution better than 10 μm. It also features the unique Swift Acceleration Mode that enables unparalleled transmission with count rates improved by up to a factor of 10.

The state-of-the-art HiPP-3 analyser is optimized for XPS energies (up to 1500 eV) and features a revolutionary imaging mode. The transmission is dramatically increased by using the Swift Acceleration Mode. The pre-lens combines efficient differential pumping with electron optics, which refocuses the electron paths through the pre-lens resulting in a high transmission analyser. The pre-lens is equipped with a front cone with a small aperture that permits electrons to enter the analyser while providing efficient differential pumping. The front cone angle is 45 degrees, which allows easy access for photon sources, other equipment, and sample handling. The front cone can be interchanged in order to increase or decrease the aperture and thereby optimise the transmission vs. maximum pressure of the experiment. Truncated front cones are available, to allow for increased working distance when performing UHV- and liquid jet experiments. The front cone can furthermore be customised to allow for user-specific designs.

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More Information

Swift Acceleration Mode

The Swift Acceleration Mode increases the transmission in the soft energy range. Parallel imaging can be performed in one direction with a guaran­teed resolution of better than 15 μm in a field of view of up to 0.8 mm. 

HiPP-3 Options

Several options can be added to the HiPP-3 analyser to optimise it for the intended experiments. The UPS option includes extremely stable and low noise electronics to enable high quality UPS measurements with high energy resolution. The kinetic energy range is extended down to 5 eV and the energy resolution is better than 5 meV for 5 eV pass energy and 10 eV kinetic energy. For experiments that demand higher energies the analyser can be upgraded to reach 6000 eV kinetic energy.


Energy resolution

< 15 meV FWHM at kinetic energy 500 eV

< 5 meV FWHM at kinetic energy 10 eV (UPS version)

Transmission mode energy range

20 eV – 1500 eV (can be extended to 5 eV – 6 000 eV)

Angular modes

± 9°

Angular mode energy range

100 eV – 1500 eV

Deflection mode energy range


Deflection mode Spin scan


Operating pressure

2*10-10 mbar – 30 mbar

Mounting flange

DN200CF (10” O.D.)

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HiPP-3: Imaging Ambient Pressure Electron Analyser

15/04/2021 2.5 MB

The HiPP-3 analyser features advanced technology for outstanding imaging XPS at ambient conditions with a spatial resolution better than 10 μm. In addition, the unique Swift Acceleration Mode enables unparalleled transmission, with countrates improved by up to a factor of 10.

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