Drawing of the ARPES Capillary Upgrade  | © Scienta Omicron

ARPES Capillary Upgrade


The Scienta Omicron Retractable VUV5k-package can be equipped with a newly developed exit stage. This exit stage contains a capillary custom made from glass with an exit inner diameter of 0.5 mm. This option offers the highest flux density in a very small spot. Figure 2 shows the flux density for the different capillaries availablewith the Scienta Retractable VUV5k package. It can be clearly seen that the new ARPES capilla-ries increase the flux density sub-stantially. At the same time, these capillaries offer a very focussed spot size, see figure 3. With the 5 mm standard working distance, the flux density of the 0.5 mm ARPES capillaries is more than twice that of the straight 0.8 mm capillaries, although the spot size is similar.

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