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VUV5k-package including source, differential pumping stage, monochromator, and exit stage with capillary.


The Ultimate Narrow Bandwidth UV Source with Extreme Intensity


  • Extremely high photon flux
  • Narrow bandwidth for high energy resolution experiments
  • Unchallenged stability and uptime
  • Very low maintenance requirements
  • Small spot ARPES capillary option

The Scienta Omicron VUV5k is a well-established high intensity narrow bandwidth UV source for excellent and efficient UPS and ARPES measurements. The microwave-driven source generates a very intense and well confined He plasma. With the UV monochromator tuned to a selected wavelength from the He plasma, the VUV5k yields intense narrow-band monochromatic UV light at the sample. To enable continuous and long experiments the VUV5k has excellent stability and requires only minimal maintenance.

Efficient UPS and ARPES measurements rely not only on the electron analyser but also on a high quality excitation source. The Scienta Omicron VUV5k package provides high intensity He I (21 eV and 23 eV) and He II (41 eV) light with narrow bandwidth. This is achieved with the ECR based VUV5000 source delivering a flux density per unit wavelength interval comparable to that obtained from the best undulator beam lines. The photon flux emitted through a 2 mm aperture is about 500 times higher than that from conventional discharge VUV sources.

The included UV monochromator concept is optimised for He I and He II wavelengths. The grating monochromator is easily adjusted to the desired wavelength of the source spectral range and allows for complete separation of He Iα and He Iß while maintaining a 1 meV bandwidth. The integrated differential pumping scheme, with entrance and exit capillaries, allows to operate the VUV5k with pressures as low as 10-11 mbar in the analysis chamber. Together, these components form the most intense narrow line width He-light source on the market.

The excellent stability, easy operation, and low operating pressure of the VUV5k make it ideal for experiments on materials, including ultrathin films and nanomaterials, which require extremely high intensity and long measurement times. In addition, the 1 meV bandwidth allows high resolution gas phase and cluster measurements.

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The VUV5k standard package is the combination of the VUV5000 UV-source and the VUV5046 UV-monochromator. This package comes with a set of interchangeable output capillaries of different diameters which are operated at a fixed working distance, typically 10 mm. The monochromator focuses the photons on the capillary entrance through which they are guided to the sample.

The VUV5k-set for ARPES is the best performing UV source for high resolution ARPES work. This package contains the VUV5000 UV-source, the VUV5047 UV-monochromator with retractable exit stage, and the ARPES capillary. The retractable exit stage allows to move the fragile ARPES capillary away from the sample when not in use, protecting the capillary from damage, and reducing geometric constraints in the analysis chamber. The ARPES capillary itself is optimised for high resolution ARPES and combines highest flux density with small spot size. 


Wavelengths emitted

584 Å / 21 eV (FWHM ≈ 1 meV)

537 Å / 23 eV (FWHM ≈ 1 meV)

304 Å / 41 eV (FWHM ≈ 2 meV)

Mounting flange (incl. port aligner)

DN40CF (2.75“ O.D.)

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Inherited Weak Topological Insulator Signatures in the Topological Hourglass Semimetal Nb3XTe6 (X = Si, Ge)


Using spin-resolved and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and first-principles calculations, we have identified bulk band inversion and the spin-polarized surface state evolved from a weak topological insulator (TI) phase...

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Retractable VUV5k-Package

15/04/2021 1.18 MB

The retractable VUV5k-package is the combination of the VUV5000 UV-source and the VUV5047 UV-monochromator. These components form a unique light source. The package allows a working pressure in the 10-11 mbar range during lamp operation.

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