Multiprobe Prep: A Versatile UHV Module for Sample Preparation and SPM

June 7th, 2021

The Multiprobe prep is the latest addition to Scienta Omicron’s range of modular UHV system platforms. It serves as both a preparation chamber for a wide range of analytical systems, and as an independent UHV system compatible with the addition of the award-winning Variable Temperature SPM (model VT SPM-XA) housed in its own bolt-on chamber.

The extended cylindrical chamber includes a scientific sample manipulator with a range of sample heating and cooling options. The design then includes ports for common sample preparation techniques including LEED, sample sputtering, three DN40CF evaporator ports, and a variety of spare ports (e.g., for sample cleaving, mass spectrometer, or custom components). The chamber enables connection to other systems and Scienta Omicron’s UHV suitcase.

Available design variations provide customers flexibility in choosing the pumping and manipulator configurations to match budget and technical requirements. The sample transfer concept ensures a simple connection to other UHV modules and safe, convenient sample handling with a wobble stick. Choice of sample load lock location can be based on expansion plans.

With its compact footprint and open design, it offers good access to all components. Its extremely ergonomic layout even allows for the bakeout enclosure to be assembled by a single person.

The rigid bench design ensures the system is capable of high-resolution scanning probe microscopy (SPM). An optional UHV gate valve in combination with a compact NEG/ion getter pump can be employed to ensure the best possible pressure and cleanliness in the SPM chamber.

Even if initially used as a preparation chamber in a multi-module setup, the Multiprobe prep design offers researchers a simple upgrade path to add a VT SPM as a simple bolt-on component.