CryoMBE & MBE Euro meet 2023

April 22nd, 2023

During the last couple of days our team attended the EuroMBE 2023 in Madrid, and had a great couple of days. The 21 st European Workshop on Molecular Beam Epitaxy was held in the ETSI de Telecomunicación (Telecommunication Engineering School) at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain. It is always a workshop we look forward to during the year. This year many interesting discussions were held, and we got to meet many of you there. We also presented one of our new products! 

During the meet our Product Manager Nils-Eike Weber held a poster talk about our newly launched CryoMBE. The CryoMBE is a MBE system that combines an ultra-low temperature manipulator with optimized chamber geometry for shallow angle epitaxy which enables exploration of so far uncharted growth parameters. The closed-cycle LHe manipulator with a base temperature of < 20K can be precisely positioned in the azimuthal and polar rotation axis allowing defined growth of half-shell or full-shell structure


uperconductor - semiconductor (SU/SE) nanowires enable the route to quantum information devices, like topological qubits. The hybrid interface is fragile, thereby elimination of fabrication steps such as lithography and etching is crucial. In shallow angle geometry only selected faces of semiconductor nanowires are coated with the superconductor material. The avoidance of post-growth etching enables the usage of a wide range of superconductor materials. 

The system and manipulator geometry allow reaching grazing incidence as well as normal incidence for an up to 2” sample with respect to any of the 10 source ports (including e-beam sources needed for some promising material combinations). Heat shields around the sample acceptor improve the lowest achievable temperature. Holes in the shield grant access to the sample for deposition and RHEED. The front heat shield can be exchanged and thereby tailored for various sample sizes. 


Some of the key features of the CryoMBE are:

·       Cryogenic deposition

·       Excellent cooling performance (sample T < 20K)

·       2.5-axis manipulator (up to 2“samples)

·       Normal and grazing incidence deposition

·       Electron beam evaporator in separate chamber for minimized heat load 

If you want to know more about the CryoMBE or have other questions please contact us!