Time Resolved Photoinduced Phase Transitions in LaTe3 with an ARTOF Analyser


tr-ARPES measurements of the LaTe3 sample | © Scienta Omicron

Figure 1. tr-ARPES measurements of the LaTe3 sample. (a) Evolution of the Fermi surface for the full acceptance cone through the photoexcitation process. (b) Time evolution of the momentum integrated region (orange box in (a) for t=-1240 fs) with excited states above the Fermi level. (c) evolution of the spectral weight for ±0.1 eV marked in (b). Figure 2. Evolution of the band structure for the kII cut marked yellow in Figure 1(a). As the tr-ARPES data is acquired for the full acceptance cone, arbitrary momentum cuts can be extracted during the analysis phase.

Author: Nuh Gedik Institute: ''Massachusetts Institute of Technology'' Nature Physics
Date: 2021
Instruments: ARTOF-2

A. Zong and N. Gedik et al. investigated photoinduced phase transitions in LaTe3 with their time resolved (tr) ARPES setup using an ARTOF analyser. With the pump-probe scheme and a controlled time delay between photon pulses, tr-ARPES allows the generation of non-equilibrium states and track the dynamics in momentum and energy-resolved fashion.

Download: ARTOF_2021_AppNote_4001.pdf