Materials Innovation Platform (MIP) with MBE, PVD and Surface Analysis

University of Texas at Dallas - Department of Materials Science and Engineering

XPS UPS Sputter Profiling Charge Comp SEM STM Sputter Deposition PVD MBE RHEED ALD ARXPS PES

Reference Number: 035008

Research focus on nanoscale materials, interfaces and advanced devices including, high-k gate dielectrics, gate electrodes and novel 2D materials (TMDs, e.g. MoS2). 

  • Linear transfer line for 4" wafer carrier rings
  • SiGe MBE and metal MBE modules
  • Sputter Module
  • Heater chamber for thermal annealing
  • Interfacing to 3rd party ALD module
  • Surface analysis module for XPS, UPS & Large Sample SPM on 4" wafers


Integrated Instruments