Materials Innovation Platform (MIP) for Novel Quantum Materials

University of Waterloo - Institute of Quantum Computing (IQC)

PES XPS UPS PVD MBE ALD Sputter Deposition CVD

Reference Number: 121547

Materials Innovation Platform (MIP) to enable research on the combination of different material classes for the development of novel quantum materials.

  • 5 deposition modules for MBE of oxides, metals, and topological insulators
  • Sputtering for superconducting and magnetic materials
  • Surface analysis module for XPS, UPS, AES, ISS and AFM
  • Linear transfer line (LTL) with true UHV 2" wafer handling
  • Load-lock, wafer heating and plasma cleaning, mask handling
  • UHV suitcase for sample exchange with ALD and LT-SPM

Integrated Instruments