NanoESCA Lab with Imaging Spin-Filter


PES ARPES PEEM Momentum Microscopy XPS Spin-ARPES UPS

Reference Number: 143971

The latest state of the art NanoESCA MK III end station will be equipped with a series of preparation and characterization techniques and will enable:

  • Unrivalled new time-, energy-, spin-, angular- and laterally resolved photoelectron spectroscopy.
  • The NanoESCA MK III at ELI-ALPS beam line is expected to provide significant contributions in e.g. molecular electronics, magnetic data storage or solar panel
  • Attached to HHG laser system
  • Imaging Spin-Filter
  • TOF drift tube on PEEM exit
  • HIS 14 VUV source for momentum microscopy
  • Extended prep-chamber with XPS capability

Integrated Instruments