NanoESCA for Momentum Microscopy

Technische Universität Graz - Institut für Experimentalphysik

PES ARPES PEEM Momentum Microscopy μARPES

Reference Number: 162616

The state-of-the-art  “Ernst-lab” will be combined with a femtosecond laser facility and with the NanoESCA will allow studies of new nanomaterials such as:

  • Deposited clusters and nanowires prepared in helium -droplets
  • Lithographically prepared nanostructures
  • Nanoscale metallic materials with tailored properties
  • Materials synthesized by chemical vapour deposition
  • Topological insulators
  • Development of new efficient catalysts 
  • Plasmonic sensors 
  • Tailored materials for quantum information technology
  • HIS 14 VUV source for momentum microscopy
  • Attached to HHG laser system

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