Materials Innovation Platform (MIP) with MBE and Surface Analysis

IWF Dresden - Institute for Integrative Nanosciences (IIN)


Reference Number: 74504

Institute for Integrative Nanosciences (IIN) research activities cover flexible and printable magneto-electronic devices, self-propelled nanotools, strain-tunable single photon devices, ultra-compact self-wound batteries, as well as binary GaAs, AlAs, InAs layers, ternary InGaAs & AlGaAs compounds and self-assembled InAs and GaAs quantum dots.

  • 4" PRO 100 III-V molecular beam epitaxy module
  • Integration of existing Scienta Omicron analysis module (SPM, LEED)
  • Interfacing of a 3rd party Si/Ge MBE module
  • Argon-filled glove box for preparation in inert gas (etching, resist stripping, etc.)
  • Linear transfer line

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