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Radial Distribution Chamber with control electronics integrated into the bench to ensure a minimum footprint

Radial Distribution Chamber (RDC)

Super-Flexible Transfer Backbone for UHV Clusters

  • Safe and easy sample handling
  • Suitable for flag-style sample holders or wafers up to 4" diameter
  • Individually designed UHV chamber for best use of lab space
  • Easily configurable regarding pumps and motorisation
  • Fully integrated into MISTRAL system control

The Radial Distribution Chamber (RDC) is based on a continuously rotatable telescopic transfer arm that can be equipped with a variety of end effectors for flag-style sample holders or wafer carrier rings for up to 4” wafers. The port configuration of the RDC can be adjusted to arrange the connected modules such that the available lab space is used in an optimal way.

With the optional motorisation package, the need for manual action by the user can be kept to a minimum. The motors are integrated into the MISTRAL system control, which makes the RDC a convenient and robust sample transfer solution.

Since magnetic transfer arms are not needed any more, there are fewer constraints on the arrangement of the connected system modules. This helps to make optimal use of the precious lab space. Compact appendix chambers are available for special purposes such as sample heating and degassing, cleaving, storage or catalysis experiments.

The RDC gives maximum flexibility in the system design due to its compatibility with the Linear Transfer Line, a glove box, UHV suitcase or a connection to 3rd party modules. Since it is possible to add further RDCs at a later stage, possibly including a relocation of existing modules to make space for new modules, the initial investment is sustainable for the long term.

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