DSX400 X-Ray Source | © Scienta Omicron
DSX400 X-ray source
DSX400 Drawing  | © Scienta Omicron
The DSX400 X-ray source with linear drive.


Twin-Anode, High Flux X-ray Source with Long Lifetime


  • Twin-anode with two independent filaments
  • Standard anode materials: Mg and Al. Alternative anode materials available
  • High flux
  • Long lifetime
  • Minimal cross-talk
  • CE compatible
  • Optional linear drive and differential pumping

The DSX400 provides high flux X-ray radiation which enables intense photoelectron spectra. The dual anode makes it possible to change excitation energy without breaking vacuum and thus quickly verify measured data. The X-ray tube is designed with a narrow nose cone which ensures a short source-to-sample distance, also when combined with other techniques.

In the pursuit for great research results, DSX400 is a reliable addition to your analyser. It provides high flux magnesium and aluminum X-ray radiation without the need to vent the system when switching in between. The excellent life time makes sure that your hours are spent on research instead of service work.

A user-friendly GUI allows easy access to all parameters and the control electronics includes interlocks and auto-start-up procedures for safe and simple operation.

The standard DSX400 is equipped with an aluminum and a magnesium anode but other anode materials are available on request. High thermal conductivity of the anode and optimised water flow ensures efficient cooling. A thin aluminum window reduces Bremsstrahlung radiation and acts as a partial vacuum barrier enabling differential pumping of the X-ray source. The filaments are made of durable yttria-coated tungsten to ensure long lifetimes, even for high emission use.

The outer design provides high flexibility when mounted on a UHV system. For minimum working distance and multi-technique integration a 100 mm linear drive can be added.

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More Information

A linear drive (100 mm) can be added to enable minimum working distance and multi-technique integration. If differential pumping is required there is an option to include an additional DN16CF (1.33“ O.D.) port. Alternative anode materials, such as titanium and silver, are available on request.


Standard anode material

Mg (1253.6 eV, 0.989 nm) and Al (1486.7 eV, 0.834 nm)

Alternative anode materials

Ti, Zr, Ag, Au, Y and more

Filament material

Yttria-coated tungsten

Anode voltage

0.3-15 kV

Maximum power

300 W for Mg-anode. 400 W for Al-anode

Cross talk

< 0.35 %

Bake-out temperature

200 °C

Exit aperture

Thin Al-foil

Mounting flange

DN40CF (2.75“ O.D.)


5 kg

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