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The FDG 15 is a variable-focus ion source for sample cleaning, charge neutralisation and ion scattering spectroscopy. A non-line-of-sight filament and a differential pumping stage ensure clean working conditions in the beam energy range from 400 eV to 5 keV.
FDG 15 Technical Drawing  | © Scienta Omicron
Dimensions of the FDG 15.

FDG 15

Hot Filament Ion Source

PES XPS Sputter Profiling

  • Variable spot size
  • Non-line-of-sight filament
  • Up to 300 mm working distance
  • Integrated port aligner
  • True differential pumping
  • Ion current measurement

The FDG 15 ion source is designed to clean samples for surface analysis, to perform simple depth profiling, to act as an excitation source for ISS/LEIS experiments and optionally to provide slow ions (< 15 eV), e.g. for charge neutralisation in ESCA.

An extremely clean ion beam is ensured by a non-line-of-sight filament, a gas inlet directly into the ionization cage and an effective differential pumping. The ionization is done by electron bombardment to allow for a continuous variable beam current from the nA to μA regime.

A dedicated ion focusing optics allows to reduce the spot size down to 300 µm for sputtering of small crystals and to adapt for large working distances up to 300 mm.

The power supply can be fully controlled by the front panel or via a TCP/IP interface. An easy-to-use LabVIEWTM * based PC software is provided.

The source and the power supply can be upgraded with a regulated gas inlet in combination with a closed-loop regulation for long-term stabilisation of the ion current.

Another upgrade option is the low energy mode that generates < 15 eV ions for charge neutralisation in XPS and AES.

For dedicated depth profiling the FDG 150, an extended version of the FDG 15, is available.

The FDG 15 uses the same proven beam generation as the FDG 150 and can be used as a substitute for all applications where e.g. the wide spread but no longer available ISE 10 (Leybold/Kremer/OMICRON) has been used in the past.

* LabVIEW™ is a trade mark of National Instruments

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Energy range

400 eV to 5 keV (10 eV optional)

Maximum beam current

> 10 μA @ 5 keV
> 100 nA @ 15 eV (10 eV optional)

Beam diameter

Between 300 μm and 2′′ @ 5 keV ion energy

Integrated port aligner



Yttrium oxide coated Tungsten 
(optional) Iridium filament

Beam current stabilisation

(optional) regulated leak valve

Working distance

30 mm - 300 mm

Insertion depth

173 mm

Chamber pressure during operation

5x10-7 mbar - 1x10-8 mbar

Mounting flange

DN40CF / 2.75′′ OD

Electronics Interface


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