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Carbon Sublimation Source


  • Growth of Si-C and Si-Ge-C alloys
  • P-type doping in III-V MBE
  • Fast and precise flux control
  • Ultra high purity pyrolytic graphite (PG) filament

The Carbon Doping Source, SUKO, is a highly optimized source for carbon p-type doping in III-V MBE. The SUKO provides a very clean and constant flux at a low deposition rate up to 2 Å/min. A maximum total layer thickness of 5 µm C with one filament is reported, by what layers of up to 1 mm highly carbon-doped GaAs are achievable.

The sublimation of carbon requires very high temperatures up to 2300 °C. Therefore we designed the hot zone around the filament completely shielded with pyrolytic graphite (PG). The SUKO is used in III-V MBE for p-type doping. It is reported that the electron mobility turns out to be comparable to those achieved by Be doping.

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