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Production Effusion Cells


  • Precise run-to-run flux reproducibility
  • Excellent reliability and long lifetime
  • Extremely stable flux rates
  • Customised beam shaping crucible inserts
  • Various crucible sizes and crucible materials
  • Various filament configurations

The Production Effusion Cells (PEZ) are supplied with conical or cylindrical crucibles and offer very precise flux reproducibility and excellent thickness uniformity. By using a customised beam shaping PBN insert in combination with a large capacity crucible further improvements of source material utilisation and flux stability are achievable.

The Large Capacity Ga/In PEZ combines the advantages of conical and cylindrical crucibles. The crucible insert provides conical beam shaping, which results in minimised waste of material and excellent uniformity. Conical crucibles show the effect of filling level related flux changes, because of the continuous change in evaporation material surface. This effect is highly reduced for PEZ with insert, because the surface is constant during a growth campaign.

The shutter transients are a common problem for layer growth when using standard crucibles with wide orifice. The influence on the thermal stability of the molten material caused by shutter action is virtually eliminated by the crucible insert’s function as a thermal buffer and by the use of dual filament heating. Dual filament heating allows keeping the conical insert at higher temperatures to avoid material condensation.

  • Suitable for the evaporation of most materials evaporated at temperatures up to 1400 °C
  • Precise run-to-run flux reproducibility 
  • Excellent temperature stability (± 0.1 °C)
  • Low shutter related flux transients
  • High material efficiency (up to 25 % better than other designs)
  • Excellent thickness uniformity
  • Standard, hot lip, cold lip and dual filament configurations available
  • Large standard crucible sizes: 60 cc, 80 cc, 85 cc, 130 cc
  • Standard crucible material: PBN (pyrolytic boron nitride)
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