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Hydrogen Cracker Source (HABS)

Thermal Gas Cracker Source


  • H2 dissociation typically 80-98 % depending on operation conditions
  • Atomic hydrogen flux density up to 1*10E16/(cm2s)
  • No high-energy particles and ions

The Hydrogen Atom Beam Source (HABS) is a thermal gas cracker which produces an ion-free hydrogen gas beam to avoid ion induced damage of the substrate. In comparison to hydrogen sources based on electron bombardment heating the HABS is heated by a DC operated tungsten filament. It is suitable for large samples.


  • Low temperature surface cleaning of InP and GaAs
  • Si substrate preparation / GaAs on Si
  • Promotion of 2D growth of GaAs
  • Selective epitaxial growth in MBE and GS MBE
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