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Decomposition Sources


  • Ultra high purity phosphorus (P2) source
  • Effusion cell-like operation
  • Fast and precise flux control
  • Safe and pure doping and growth techniques

The Phosphorus Doping Source, DECO, is an ultra-pure source for P2, based on the decomposition of GaP. At typical operation temperatures of about 600° C - 700° C, GaP is essentially decomposed into Ga and P2. Additional cracking is not necessary and the accumulation of P4 (white phosphorus) is reduced to a minimum.


  • Typical applications of the DECO phosphorus doping source are high level and sharp delta-doping with phosphorus in Si/SiGe MBE.
  • Small crucible charges, large double layer shutters, integrated water cooling and reduced shielding allow a fast shutdown of the cell after the doping.
  • High 1020/cm3 doping and sharp delta-doping have been reported in literature applying the DECO.
  • Single crystal GaP material with a purity > 6 N is recommended as source material.
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