HAXPES Lab for Buried Interface Research

Meiji University - Department of Electronics and Bioinformatics


Reference Number: 180907

The system is used to study buried interfaces. The objective of the research is to improve the performance of solar cells and components based on semiconductor nanotechnology through the study of buried interfaces. The use of buried interfaces instead of surface layers could be a solution for improving the stability, quality and e.g. to push the performance of materials, such as electronic devices.

  • HAXPES Lab
  • EW4000 analyser
  • HAX 9-5 9.25 keV X-ray source

Poster: Laboratroy Scale Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy in Comparison with SPring-8

Tappei Nishihara1, Hiroki Kanai1, Takefumi Kamioka1, Okawa Toshiro2,
Ichiro Hirosawa3, Satoshi Yasuno3, and Atsushi Ogura1
1Meiji University, 2Scienta Omicron, 3JASRI
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