Scienta Omicron Virtual Conference, March 2020


Scienta Omicron would like to welcome you to our Virtual Conference, March 2020.

We were scheduled to attend both the APS, Denver, JSAP, Tokyo, and DPG, Dresden Conferences in March 2020, but unfortunately due to the COVID-19 outbreak these Conferences were cancelled. 

Conferences are important opportunities for us to meet with you. Not only to share information about our new products, but also to learn more about your research needs or discuss your service requirements. 

With this Virtual Conference we would like to start a conversation with you virtually, in the absence of the opportunity to talk face to face. 

Please explore the resources we have prepared below and then reach out to us so that we can follow up with you for a conversation! 

Kind regards, 

Scienta Omicron Sales and Services Teams 

HAXPES Lab Presentation 

The HAXPES Lab is designed for high resolution XPS measurements with maximum intensity. The system configuration is constructed around Scienta Omicron's vast knowledge within the field of HAXPES.

Learn more about the HAXPES Lab from this video presentation by Dr. Marcus Lundwall and Dr. Susanna Eriksson. 

Scienta Omicron's Products 

Scienta Omicron's technologies support Nobel Prize winning science and industrial applications. We have a wide range of Scientific Instruments, packaged solutions and services, spanning an incredibly wide bredth of research applications. 

UV-X 11 eV laser - Ultra-high resolution ARPES 

The Scienta Omicron ARPES Lab is the ideal system to combine with a turnkey UV-X 11 eV laser. The availability of this cutting edge, field proven photon source is possible through a collaboration with Oxide Corporation of Japan and gives scientists the opportunity to add this technology as part of a new ARPES Lab system or as an upgrade to an exisiting ARPES set-up. 

Scienta Omicron Website Tour 

Scienta Omicron has recently launched this new website to support our customers.

This short video will give you an overview of how to get the most out of our new site, and how to quickly find what you are looking for. 

Key areas include:

  • Technology Finder 
  • Product Information 
  • Downloads
  • Services Finder 
  • Contact Information

Newsflyer Spring 2020 

This edition of the Scienta Omicron Newsflyer provides information on the acquisition of Sigma Surface Science SPM and XPS business; new NanoScan Lab; installation of new MIP; a new turnkey 11 eV laser technology; Bar XPS; HAXPES Lab; our services, support and spare parts; and the launch of our new website.

Scienta Omicron Acquires Sigma Surface Science

Scienta Omicron SPM and the Sigma Surface Science SPM and XPS businesses are merging into one new business unit under the roof of Scienta Omicron.

Together we will drive the SPM and XPS technology development to serve the scientific community better than ever. Already today we offer the leading range of SPM and XPS products utilizing the best of Sigma and Scienta Omicron innovations, respectively. Going forward our customers can expect new technologies to help them breaking barriers within the world of surface science and material physics.

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