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NanoESCA Stage

Reference systems

NanoESCA at Grenzflächenanalytik, MPI für Festköperforschung  | © Scienta Omicron

NanoESCA for Momentum Microscopy and Imaging XPS

The research group of Prof. Starke investigates the atomic structure of surfaces and thin films of technologically interesting quantum materials with the goal of a fundamental understanding of growth, interface formation and crystal formation at the atomic scale. A particular topic is epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide surfaces. The imaging x-ray spectroscopy capability will be used to identify the chemical composition of the surface, which gives crucial additional information about the exact conditions of the local sample spot from where the band structure was acquired. 

NanoESCA | © Scienta Omicron

NanoESCA for Momentum Microscopy

The state-of-the-art  “Ernst-lab” will be combined with a femtosecond laser facility and with the NanoESCA will allow studies of new nanomaterials such as:

  • Deposited clusters and nanowires prepared in helium -droplets
  • Lithographically prepared nanostructures
  • Nanoscale metallic materials with tailored properties
  • Materials synthesized by chemical vapour deposition
  • Topological insulators
  • Development of new efficient catalysts 
  • Plasmonic sensors 
  • Tailored materials for quantum information technology


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