Very Efficient Spin Polarization Analysis (VESPA)


New Exchange Scattering-based Setup for Spin-resolved ARPES at APE-NFFA Beamline at Elettra

Author: C Bigi, P K Das, D Benedetti, F Salvador, D Krizmancic, R Sergo, A Martin, G Panaccione, G Rossi, J Fujii, I Vobornik 	Journal of Synchrotron Radiation Logo  | © IUCr Journal of Synchrotron Radiation
Date: 2017
Instruments: DA30-L

Complete photoemission experiments, enabling measurement of the full quantum set of the photoelectron final state, are in high demand for studying materials and nanostructures whose properties are determined by strong electron and spin correlations. Here the implementation of the new spin polarimeter VESPA (Very Efficient Spin Polarization Analysis) at the APE-NFFA beamline at Elettra is reported, which is based on the exchange coupling between the photoelectron spin and a ferromagnetic surface in a reflectometry setup. The system was designed to be integrated with a dedicated Scienta-Omicron DA30 electron energy analyzer allowing for two simultaneous reflectometry measurements, along perpendicular axes, that, after magnetization switching of the two targets, allow the three-dimensional vectorial reconstruction of the spin polarization to be performed while operating the DA30 in high-resolution mode. VESPA represents the very first installation for spin-resolved ARPES (SPARPES) at the Elettra synchrotron in Trieste, and is being heavily exploited by SPARPES users since autumn 2015.