Scienta Omicron Newsflyer Fall 2020

October 21st, 2020

The Fall 2020 edition of the Scienta Omicron Newsflyer provides you with an update about our response to COVID-19, updated product offerings to suit our customers´ research needs, and information about services and support we have available.

In our Newsflyer you can read more about Scienta Omicron's activities and achievements over the past six months. 



  1. Company position during COVID-19 by CEO Johan Åman
  2. The newly installed HAXPES Lab at Hyogo/Spring-8
  3. The addition of a new NanoESCA at MPI Stuttgart
  4. nanoARPES characterisation of functioning and tunable Devices
  5. INFINITY SPM – next generation Low Temperature SPM
  6. LT STM – TERS with sub-molecular resolution
  7. The installation of the first ALDcompact 10 system
  8. Increased services and support by our regional office

Download the PDF: ScientaOmicron_Newsflyer_Fall_10_2020.pdf