Materials Innovation Platform:Equipment and Instrumentation

Scienta Omicron has a long history of providing customised solutions for the surface science field. Tailored instruments and large scale Materials Innovation Platforms (MIPs) offering unique capabilities is the best choice for the scientist breaking barriers in surface science techniques with extraordinary requirements.

Materials Innovation Platforms (MIPs) integrate instrumentation for growth with sophisticated in-situ characterization tools. Samples can thus be analysed at intermediate process steps to understand cause-effect correlations of a novel material’s growth and structure without leaving the clean UHV environment at any time. Scienta Omicron’s broad portfolio enables us to act as a single source supplier and a reliable partner for the design, production and in-field support, ensuring a smooth delivery process and a high system uptime.

Materials Innovation Platform (MIP)

Scienta Omicron´s strength is to customise a wide range of methods and systems in one instrument – the multi-technique philosophy -- Materials Innovation Platforms (MIPs). We tailor standard cost-effective systems to your needs or design dedicated tools e.g. by combining Thin Film growths with high performance XPS ultimate resolution to solve your scientific questions.

CREATE Platform

CREATE combines the modules of a proven design solution to form an advanced UHV research system solution with guaranteed specifications. Designing a system using the CREATE platform with your Scienta Omicron expert provides clear decision pathways for capabilities and specifications. 

Have a look for exciting customer solutions !

Based on history of more than 1000 UHV systems, we have selected a few exciting examples tailoring solutions to the experimental needs of our customers. With our reference finder, customised solutions can be filtered via the more than 85 different surface analysis and deposition techniques we offer.