GEFES 2023

XII Reunión del grupo de física de la materia condensada de la Real Sociedad Española de Física – GEFES 2023

Salamanca, Spain

From February 1st, 2023 Until February 3rd, 2023

Annual meeting of the condensed matter physics group of the Spanish Royal Society for Physics.

Salamanca is a historical town in Spain and hosts its oldest University, founded in 1218. The conference will be held at one of the university historical buildings, the Auditorio Fonseca, just 5 minutes away from the center


List of Keynote speakers:

Rebeca Ribeiro (C2N Paris-Saclay and CNRS) – Non-identical moiré twins in bilayer graphene

Jairo Sinova (Inspire Group, University of Mainz) – The emergence of research landscape of altermagnetism

Olivier Dauchot (ESPCI CNRS – Paris) – When active matter turns solid : from collective motion to collective actuation

Alejandro Manjavacas (Instituto Daza de Valdés CSIC) – Lattice resonances: a collective response of periodic arrays of nanostructures

Irene Calvo (INMA – CSIC , University of Zaragoza) – Synchrotron X-ray Coherence to Probe the Complexity of realistic interfaces at the Nanoscale

Natalia Ares (Oxford University) – Quantum devices for thermodynamics at the nanoscale