DPG 2023

86th Annual Conference of the DPG and DPG Spring Meeting

TU Dresden campus, Germany

From March 21st, 2023 Until March 23rd, 2023

From 20 March to 24 March 2023 the DPG Spring Meeting of the Matter and Cosmos Section (SMuK) will take place on the campus of the Technical University Dresden. The conference is organised by the following divisions and working groups:

  • Matter and Cosmos Section (SMuK)

    • Extraterrestrial Physics
    • Gravitation and Relativity
    • Hadronic and Nuclear Physics
    • Plasma Physics
    • Radiation and Medical Physics
    • Particle Physics
    • Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
  • Short Time-scale Physics and Applied Laser Physics
  • Environmental Physics
  • Working Group on Accelerator Physics
  • Working Group on Equal Opportunities
  • Working Group on Energy
  • Working Group on Industry and Business
  • Working Group "Young DPG"
  • Working Group on Physics, Modern IT and Artificial Intelligence
  • Working Group on Information
  • Working Group on Philosophy of Physics
  • Working Group on Physics and Disarmament