Scienta Omicron offers a wide range of standard and advanced components. Through significant investments in R&D and development of partners Scienta Omicron continuously adds new instruments to the portfolio of modular solutions and bolt-on instruments for the home-builder and upgrade needs. With continuous access to new technologies a long term science carrier is supported.

Electron Analysers

The electron analyser is a central component in any photoelectron spectroscopy setup. Scienta Omicron offers analysers with outstanding sensitivity and resolution as part of tailored systems and as individual components. Research groups chose our components to build their custom setups located in labs or at synchrotron beam lines across the world.

Scanning Probe Microscopes

In 1987 - only one year after the Nobel Prize was awarded to Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer - our legendary STM 1 was created. Since those early times of STM we have continuously advanced our SPM product in order to support technology leaders and fore-front SPM researchers as well as application and material science focused SPM groups around the globe with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Photon Sources

Scienta Omicron offers a range of high performance, well-established X-ray and UV photon sources. All sources are available as standalone components or as fully integrated parts of system solutions. Excellent stability, easy operation and robust design enables high up-time and great research results. 

E-Beam Evaporators

The EFM series of evaporators with integrated flux monitor are ideal for high-purity evaporation of a wide range of materials in UHV, ranging from refractory metal wires and rods to delicate, reactive substances evaporated from crucibles.

Effusion Cells

Scienta Omicron offers a wide range of Effusion Cells to evaporate almost any elemental or compound material. 

The Effusion Cell is a highly controllable and efficient deposition source for MBE and non-epitaxial Physical Vapour Deposition. The radiatively heated crucible with a close coupled thermocouple ensures stability and reproducibility not found with other evaporation sources. The optimally shaped crucible increases material utilization.

Ion & Electron Sources

Scienta Omicron offers a selection of Ion Sources to suit a range of applications from sample cleaning and depth profiling. We also offer a variety of electron sources for tailored system solutions and for research groups which build custom setups based on components. 


More than 25 years of experience in electron diffraction and microscopy enables Scienta Omicron to offer a variety of dedicated PEEM, LEED and RHEED instruments along with supporting software for excellent performance and reliability.