The XM 1000 monochromatic X-ray source product | © Scienta Omicron
XM1000 monochromatic X-ray source.
Example of a typical XM 1000 system  | © Scienta Omicron
XM1000 on a typical system.


Monochromatic X-ray Source with Excellent Energy Resolution


  • High x-ray flux for fast sample analysis
  • Excellent energy resolution
  • Fully software integrated
  • Robust mechanical alignment

The XM1000 monochromated X-ray source provides optimum photon flux and excellent energy resolution. In addition, low background and the absence of satellites are key advantages of the XM1000 over non-monochromated X-ray sources. Narrow core level peaks and low background simplifies identification of the surface chemistry by XPS and other X-ray spectroscopy applications.

The XM1000 offers excellent performance with high photon brightness and a line width below 0.25 eV. Ease-of-use is guaranteed by a fully software controlled digital power supply combined with a simple alignment procedure of the complete monochromator. This ensures optimum performance of the XM1000 every day.

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Anode material

Al (Al Kα: 1486.6 eV)

Maximum anode voltage

15 kV

Rowland circle diameter

500 mm

Minimum spot size

Approx. 1 mm

Photon linewidth

< 250 meV

For full specifications and more information about product options, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative.

Maximum continuous power

300 W

Bake-out temperature

130 °C

Flange to sample distance

203 mm

Mounting port

DN63CF (4.5" O.D.)

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