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MECS monochromated X-ray source


Monochromated X-ray Source


  • High Energy Resolution XPS
  • High Power & Focused Spot Mode
  • Low Radiation Impact

The MECS high power monochromated excitation source is designed for high energy resolution XPS measurements, especially when radiation and temperature sensitive materials are analysed.


The monochromator utilises a quartz crystal mirror for the Bragg reflection and focusing of Al Kα radiation on a Rowland circle with 500mm diameter.  This way, Bremsstrahlung radiation and satellite photon lines are eliminated and do not contribute to the photoelectron spectra.

The lower X-ray flux and thermal radiation from the heated filaments and anode ensure a reduced sample damage compared with a dual-anode X-ray source.

By selecting the filament you can switch the operation between two modes, high power 600W and focused spot for ~Ø1mm illumination at the sample.

The monochromator housing is fully bakeable, it mounts onto a DN63CF (4.5" CF) chamber flange with a port length of 203mm and will mount to a chamber diameter of 310mm.

The crystal mirror can be adjusted by two orthogonal tilts and one linear motion which makes it both rapid and simple to fine tune the monochromator for reproducible and maximum performance. The focusing mechanism is located on the top flange thereby the MECS retains a compact volume enabling it to be mounted to a range of XPS platforms. 

More Information

MECS Monochromated X-ray Source

Mounting flange:   DN63CF (4.5" CF)

Port length:            203mm

Rowland circle:      500mm

Anode:                   Al 600W

Additional Features

Focused spot operation:  ~1mm dia

3-axis crystal tuning:       Roll, pitch and focus



High Speed Dynamic and Operando Experiments

High Speed Dynamic and Operando Experiments


The thermal reduction of Titanium oxides was observed in-situ by time-resolved XPS using a new type of multi peak monitoring allowing to observe several XPS lines in a timely manner (figure 1&2). The color-coded maps show multiple...


MECS & LAX: X-ray Sources for Photoelectron Spectroscopy

10/02/2020 1.43 MB

The LAX and MECS X-ray sources are used in Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA), also called X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS). Both excitation sources are designed for ease of use and can be easily integrated into existing XPS systems or used in combination with new Scienta Omicron systems enabling enable high-quality XPS measurements.