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LAX dual-anode X-ray source


Dual-anode X-ray Source


  • High Intensity XPS Measurements
  • Differential Pumping Option
  • Cooled Nose Cone

The LAX X-ray source is a high power dual-anode excitation source for high intensity XPS measurements and large area illumination of samples for imaging XPS applications. Two main excitation energies can be selected using two different anode coating materials. Typically, the dual-anode operates at 400W when coated with Magnesium (Mg Ka 1253.6 eV) and Aluminium (Al Kα 1486.7 eV), a variety of materials including Zirconium, Silver, Titanium and more are available on request.

An easy to replace thin foil Aluminium window separates the X-ray generating part of the source from the sample area and reduces Bremsstrahlung. If XPS measurements are performed under elevated pressure in the analysis chamber the LAX may be pumped differentially so that the high voltage anode is maintained at a low vacuum pressure. The LAX source incorporates a water cooled nose cone and high thermal conductivity of the anode for efficient heat dissipation even at high power to minimise sample heating without requiring additional sample cooling.

More Information

LAX Dual-anode X-ray Source

Mounting flange:  DN40CF (2.75" CF)

Port length:           254 mm

Z-retraction:         50 mm

Anode:                  Mg 400W/Al 400W

Additional Features:

  • Efficient cooled nose cone
  • Differential pumping option
  • Other anode materials on request



MECS & LAX: X-ray Sources for Photoelectron Spectroscopy

10/02/2020 1.43 MB

The LAX and MECS X-ray sources are used in Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA), also called X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS). Both excitation sources are designed for ease of use and can be easily integrated into existing XPS systems or used in combination with new Scienta Omicron systems enabling enable high-quality XPS measurements.