R3000 Electron Analyser  | © Scienta Omicron
Scienta Omicron R3000.
R3000 Electron Analyser  | © Scienta Omicron
Scienta Omicron R3000.
R3000 Electron Analyser  | © Scienta Omicron
Scienta Omicron R3000.


A Compact and Powerful XPS/UPS/ARPES Tool with Optimised Transmission


  • Optimised transmission for high intensity
  • High dynamic range
  • Fast and easy experiment optimisation
  • Reliable and reproducible

The Scienta Omicron R3000 is designed to combine minimum size with maximum performance. The R3000 is a high throughput, flexible analyser with high transmission for UPS and XPS applications. The additional angular mode enables mapping of the electronic band structure in ARPES experiments. The R3000 can also be operated in “Fix Mode”, where a spectrum can be recorded within seconds by taking a snap shot of the detector image, covering 12 % of the pass energy. Powerful noise reduction and high dynamic range ensures high quality results.

The Scienta Omicron R3000 is optimised for quick PES measurements and band mapping. The high voltage electronics is designed for ultrahigh stability to enable reliable and accurate measurements. The Scienta Omicron R3000 can be operated in fixed mode, where a spectrum can be recorded within seconds by taking a snap shot of the detector image, covering 12 % of the pass energy. The high count rate of the Scienta Omicron R3000 is accomplished by combining a large acceptance angle, an analyser radius of 135 mm and a MCP detector as large as the one featured in the DA30-L analyser. At the same time the outer dimensions of the spectrometer are small, for easy fit to an existing vacuum system. This is accomplished by using a mu-metal vacuum vessel. The detector has a high dynamic range which, together with powerful noise reduction, enables great experimental results.

The Scienta Omicron spectrometers have always pushed the boundaries of what is possible within electron spectroscopy. These state-of-the-art instruments have for example revolutionised the angular resolved photoemission experiments (ARPES) used to investigate superconductivity. This was achieved by inventing a spectrometer capable of measuring kinetic energy and momentum of photoelectrons simultaneously. The high quality and reliability of the Scienta Omicron spectrometers are most clearly seen by the impressive number of publications in high ranked scientific journals.

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Energy resolution

< 3 meV FWHM

Transmission mode energy range

0.5 eV – 1 500 eV

Angular modes

± 3°, ± 5°, ± 7.5°, ± 10°

Angular mode energy range

3 eV – 1 500 eV

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Deflection mode energy range


Deflection mode Spin scan


Operating pressure

< 10-5 mbar

Mounting flange

DN100CF (6" O.D.)


Functions to Map Photoelectron Distributions in a Variety of Setups in Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy


The distribution of photoelectrons acquired in angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy can be mapped onto the energy-momentum space of the Bloch electrons in the crystal. The explicit forms of the mapping function f depend on the...

Discovery of Topological Nodal-Line Fermionic Phase in a Magnetic Material GdSbTe


Topological Dirac semimetals with accidental band touching between conduction and valence bands protected by time reversal and inversion symmetry are at the frontier of modern condensed matter research. A majority of discovered topological...

Reference Systems


R3000: Electron Spectrometer

16/04/2021 683.22 KB

Scienta Omicron analysers have always opened new possibilities in electron spectroscopy. The Scienta Omicron R3000, designed to combine minimum size and maximum performance, is no exception. The R3000 can be operated in Fix Mode, where a spectrum can be recorded quickly within seconds by taking a snap shot of the detector image. The R3000 is optimised for transmission of high intensity UPS and XPS as well as an angular lens mode for ARPES.

PEAK: Electron Spectroscopy Control and Acquisition Software

19/05/2021 2.92 MB

PEAK is designed to control acquisition of photoelectron spectra with Scienta Omicron analysers. With its modern software architecture, PEAK offers improved performance for data acquisition, work flow, and live visualisation of data. The modular design and the modern network based application programming interface (API) facilitate integration of additional equipment as well as full integration of the analyser in external control systems.

Custom Made Chamber: Magnetically Shielded UHV Chambers

11/06/2021 387.79 KB

Quality chamber design is crucial when you need to build your experimental setup from the ground up with individual components and an established system solution is not of interest. The chamber centrally links all of the components together while providing UHV conditions and excellent magnetic shielding.