Functions to Map Photoelectron Distributions in a Variety of Setups in Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy


Author: Y Ishida, S Shin AIP Logo  | © AIP Publishing Review of Scientific Instruments
Date: 2018
Instruments: ARTOF-2, DA20, DA30-L, DA30-L-8000, R3000, R4000

The distribution of photoelectrons acquired in angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy can be mapped onto the energy-momentum space of the Bloch electrons in the crystal. The explicit forms of the mapping function f depend on the configuration of the apparatus as well as on the type of the photoelectron analyzer. We show that the existence of the analytic forms of f−1 is guaranteed in a variety of setups. The variety includes the case when the analyzer is equipped with a photoelectron deflector. Thereby, we provide a demonstrative mapping program implemented by an algorithm that utilizes both f and f−1. The mapping methodology is also usable in other spectroscopic methods such as momentum-resolved electron-energy loss spectroscopy